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November 8, 2019

How To Pick The Perfect Pet Name

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Names are one of the most important things out there that make us who we are. No matter what happens, your name will always be yours. Try to pick a name that is unique to your new pet and makes them, them! Shakespeare once asked, “What’s in a name?” The answer can be quite a bit, and although you may think to pick a name for your dog or cat will be simple, there are considerations to make. You certainly want to have fun with it, but if you find yourself at a loss for the perfect name for your pet, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Keep It Simple

Pet owners hoping to teach their dog commands will want to ensure that the name they choose is simple that the dog will catch on fairly easily. Generally, you want to keep pet names at one or two syllables at the maximum. Going for a longer name can be all right, but you may want to consider calling your dog by a nickname for commands. For example, the name “Mr. Fluffy Pants” might be fun to say, but you should stick with simply calling your dog “Fluffy” when trying to train it.


Avoid Names That Rhyme With “No”

Part of training your dog will entail saying “No” whenever it performs an undesirable action. You do not want your pooch to think it is doing something wrong every time you call its name. Some names like “Jojo” or “Bo” are nice, but when it comes to your dog, you may want to steer clear of them.


Avoid Names That Could Be Taken the Wrong Way

You do not want other people to develop a negative connotation with your dog before they even get a chance to meet it. For instance, you might think it is cool to have a dog named “Killer,” but that creates a bad first impression. You might have the most fun-loving pup in the world that would never harm a fly, but with the wrong name, people may assume the worst about your dog. Stick with names that create positive impressions. This also means avoiding names that contain curse words. Remember, you are going to be saying this name in public all the time, so pick something appropriate for all ages.


Choose a Name Based on Appearance

Now that you are aware of a few things to stay away from when selecting a name, you still need to narrow down your choices to what your pet should finally be called. If you are at a loss, you can get inspiration from the way your pet looks. For example, if your dog has some shaggy fur, then consider naming it “Shaggy.” Naturally, if you plan on Grooming Your Dog regularly, then you may want to consider its appearance after the grooming when selecting a name.


Evaluate Pet’s Personality

If it perfectly OKAY if you do not come up with a name on the first day. In fact, it can be beneficial to wait a few days to get a feel for your pet’s personality before settling on a name. If you adopt a kitten that sleeps for hours on end, then naming it Sleepy, after one of the seven dwarves, can be fun.


Consider Your Personal Interests

An important thing to remember is that naming a pet should not be as daunting of a decision as naming a child. You can have fun with it and not be so self-conscious about how other people react. It can be fun to name your dog or cat after a personal interest you have. For example, if you are a fan of superhero movies, then you could name your pet “Thor” or “Hulk.”


Make Common Names Unique

Some pet owners want to be certain that their pet is going to have a name no one else is going to have. One way to increase the uniqueness of a name is to find fun variations of common names. Arguably, the most common dog name out there is “Spot.” You may not want to fall back on such a clichéd name for your furry friend. However, there are ways you can make “Spot” unique. For instance, the Italian word for “spot” is “macchia,” which is a much more fanciful name for a pup.


Look Toward History

If you are a big history buff, then you may want to consider naming your pet after a presidential dog. Barack Obama’s dog was named “Sunny,” which is a perfectly nice name for a pooch. One of the most famous pets to ever grace the White House was Richard Nixon’s dog, Checkers.


Consider Your Dog’s Breed

A dog’s breed can also bring inspiration for potential names. If you have adopted a Scottish terrier, then you should consider traditional Scottish names. The same principle can be applied to French poodles, Irish setters and German Shepherds. You can even look toward your own ancestry to find some classic names for your pet.


Pick Something That Will Grow With Your Pet

You might be adopting a puppy or kitten that is just a few months old, but the name you choose for it should grow with it as it gets older. It may not be the best thing to name your pet “Baby” or something similar because that might come across as strange when your pet enters its golden years. You also want something that you are going to enjoy saying for years to come. Going back to a previous example, naming your dog “Mr. Fluffy Pants” might be amusing for a little bit. However, saying that name for years can wear you down.

Ultimately, feel free to have fun with your pet’s name. You should naturally speak with other people in your household to see if they have any suggestions for a name. You will want to settle on something everyone is happy with, which can take a few days. As soon as you have decided on a name, you will want to get an ID tag for your animal right away. By following these tips, you should have no problem finding the ideal name for your new pet! Share adorable new pet pictures with us and on social media with their cute as a button and perfect name you decided on!


judi on November 8 at 3:40 PM said:

a good information piece, but wish you had made lists of cute names! Like the picture of the puppy above.....what is that on's name? I'd call her Cupcake or Cuddles, but I'm sure there's better names out there!

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