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November 27, 2012

How Your Pets Can Be an Extra Dose of Cheer this Holiday!

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Pets give us joy any time of year, but they also pick up on the extra excitement of the season and provide an extra boost of gladness. Now that pets have an unprecedented place in our families, they are being featured in holiday photos and get their own accessories to participate in the celebrations.

There are tons of fun things to make the season of giving even more glorious and ways to incorporate the joy that pets can bring to most any occasion.

Forget the Boring Christmas Card

Are you looking for a unique Christmas card that isn't just going to be tossed in the trash? Skip the generic cards and send your holiday greetings with purrfectly personalized cards with some of the great options available to pet lovers on the web! Taking the time to get a good photo of your dog or cat can bring a smile to your friends' and families' faces, which is a gift in and of itself.

Never Underestimate the Power of Accessories

This is where I do a shameless plug for our products. While I was working in the warehouse today, I couldn't help but be tickled by the fun stuff you guys were cashing in on with our Cyber Sale! But there is something intrinsically adorable about pets in clothes, particularly holiday ones.

1. The Holiday Sweater

Imagine this cute sweater on your dog as he peeks up at your friends from a Christmas card or from under the holiday table! This sweater is sure to keep your furry friend warm and toasty and the center of any gathering... right where he wants to be all winter long! This is our Handmade Moosey Wool Hoodie. It's a definite winner for those clownish dogs. It's also a perfect pick for your cards! Never underestimate the power of pets, especially when paired with Christmas cheer!

2. Other Holiday Accessories

We have some adorable holiday hats, antlers, bandanas, and other items that are an alternative to full-on outfits. These accessories for pets are sure to get a double take when featured on a Christmas Card, when strolling about town, and even accompanying carolers. Look at this awesome photo a customer sent us of her dog in a simple Santa hat... This would make even the Grinch get giddy!

Photo submitted by Jennifer of her dog Joey in Kansas City, Missouri. He's wearing our Dog Santa Hat.

A Blue Christmas Was Never So Cute!

Or how about this cute guy?! Even if your pup or kitten tends not to look perky, sometimes a slightly sad shot can be just as adorable, and cut through some of the sappiness. That's a nice option for those of us who may have a complicated Christmas this year. I can just see a cute caption saying "I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You!"

This is Dexter from Belmont, Massachusetts. Photo submitted by Lauren.

Surf the 'Net for Greeting Cards

There are a ton of fun sites that can print cards for you fairly inexpensively. The featured top photo is from Minted, and they have some creative pet-friendly and family/pet designs that are sure to stay on the fridge all year long! Simply upload your favorite photos, see the preview, and your cards can be rushed to you!

Don't Forget Gifts for Your Furry Friends! offers a wide selection of holiday gear, including for Hanukkah. Pets that are exercised and entertained are sure to behave at their best through the holidays. Check out our toys and holiday leashes and collars to enhance your pet's holiday experience!

How do you plan to include your pets in holiday festivities?

What do you think?

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