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October 22, 2020

Human-Grade Pet Food: What Are the Benefits?

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As most people are undoubtedly aware, cats and dogs were originally wild animals that have been domesticated over the past millennia. These creatures went from animals who hunted their own food in the forests, deserts, and tundras to pets with cute names like Fluffy and Spot who we love to spoil, give treats, and buy fluffy sweaters for in the winter. Have their dietary needs changed much from their ancestors’ time spent in the wild? Some people don’t think so: Pet food diet “recipes” abound on the internet. While feeding your cat or dog a “natural” diet that doesn’t include kibbles and pellets might be appealing to some, there are others who worry about a raw meat diet’s nutritional impact on your domesticated pet. Fortunately, there are safe alternatives with top-notch ingredients that are made by reputable companies.

For those who want to feed their canine companions food that closely resembles a more natural diet for a dog or cat — but you don’t want to use butcher scraps, bones, or raw meat to make your own food like you may have heard about — consider feeding your pup a diet with premium, human-grade ingredients. There are several benefits to this type of diet.

1. The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen specializes in high-quality, grain-free dog food that is sure to delight even the pickiest of pups. They offer several dehydrated human-grade dog foods than can be easily mixed with warm water to create a hearty, delicious stew for your dog. Their foods are grain-free, non-GMO, and free of artificial preservatives and colors.

If you’re feeling fancy, try a couple of these superfood pour-overs to upgrade a regular dish to a gourmet feast. Similar to The Honest Kitchen’s regular dog food lineup, these toppers are grain-free, and they come in several different flavors like chicken stew, beef stew, and lamb and beef stew. The best part: The names contain the word “superfoods” because these stews contain healthy human-grade foods like spinach, kale, broccoli, and the spice turmeric, which has known anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits. You may be tempted to take a bite yourself!

2. PureBites

PureBites treats for cats and dogs are exactly what they sound like: premium animal treats made from human-grade, preservative-free ingredients. Dogs will love the wide array of treat flavors such as chicken breast, turkey breast, beef liver, salmon, and even cheese! (What dog doesn’t try to steal a piece of his or her human’s cheese every once in a while?)

For cats, try this skipjack tuna and wild Alaskan salmon that can be served alone as a treat, mixed into dry food, or used as a topper. While these treats are not intended to be used as your cat’s main diet, the omega-3 content and other health benefits of fish are a great addition to your regular dry food or other human-grade cat food. Your feline friend’s belly will appreciate the grain-free, high protein content of these fishy delights.

3. CocoTherapy

While you may assume that CocoTherapy only sells coconut oil for cats and dogs based on the name, they actually have a wide range of treats and foods made with human-grade ingredients for your pet. Several of their treats do indeed contain coconut: Coconut has multiple health benefits for both pets and humans: it contains antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties as well as lauric acid, which is thought to enhance the health of dogs and cats alike.

You’re sure to find a flavor that will please your cat or dog. Check out the Coco-Carnivore Meatball flavored treats or tempt your pet’s sweet tooth with flavors like macaroon, pina colada, blueberry cobbler, or coconut apple pie.

4. Pet Releaf

You may have heard of Pet Releaf’s line of CBD oil for cats and dogs, but did you know they also make treats, bars, and soft chews that are formulated with human-grade ingredients? If your dog has an adventurous side, consider flavors like pizza or even sushi !

Pet Releaf’s Boom Bars make it easy to transport your dog to the park, the groomer’s, or to a friend’s house while bringing along a portable, healthy snack for your pup. Boom Bars contain hemp protein as well as superfoods such as chia, turmeric, and coconut oil.

5. Zuke’s

Zuke’s has a great line of dog treats that come in miniature sizes as well as regular, and these treats, like the others on this list, are packed full of nutrients that come from human-grade ingredients. Zuke has special treats for dental health and for hip support as well as regular treats which are made from fun and delicious flavors like peanut butter, lamb and chickpea, apple, and carrot. Even if your pet does not have any health conditions, you can be sure that you are providing the best care and nutrition with ingredients like pumpkin, apricots, and oats in these Vibrant Veggie treats.

Some would argue that there are no right ways or wrong ways to feed your pup as long as they are healthy and getting all of their required nutrients in your diet of choice. If you would like to elevate your pet’s diet by upgrading to human-grade dog food, check out the recommended brands above as well as many more from Baxter Boo. We’ve got you covered for all of your canine buddy’s food and treat needs — and yes, we’ve even got those cute dog sweaters for the fall.


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