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June 29, 2020

Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

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During the hot and sunny summer months, you and your dog are eager to get outdoors and have some fun. This time of year, it’s important to remember to be safe about sun and heat. Extreme sun and heat exposure can present health risks to both people and their pets. Here are some key things that you need to do in order to ensure that that your furry family member stays safe this summer when you’re at home, going around town, going on vacation, or having other fun summertime adventures.

Protect Your Dog’s Eyes From Harmful UV Rays

If you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time outside on a sunny afternoon, you’re probably considering wearing sunglasses. Eye protection not only makes you more comfortable, it protects your eyes from potentially serious damage caused by the sun. Damage can be acute, causing an actual sunburn on the surface of your eye. Sun damage to eyes can also be more serious and long-lasting in nature, causing macular degeneration and even melanoma. Dogs’ eyes are equally susceptible to burning and permanent damage caused by UV damage. Consider getting some protective eyewear so that your dog won’t be blinded by the sunlight and won’t suffer any type of physical harm to his or her eyes after prolonged exposure to sunlight. You might also consider getting your dog a comfortable and secure visor that can help to shield his or her eyes from the sun.

Shield Your Dog’s Skin From the Sun

Dog breeds that don’t have thick and dense fur may be prone to sunburn. Consider getting your dog some sunscreen that’s specially formulated for dogs or some lightweight UV blocking clothing . In addition, dog’s noses can become dry or cracked in the sun. Since noses are often dark in color, they may attract more sun than other parts of your dog’s body. Get a protective balm to help keep your dog’s nose safe and hydrated.

Keep Water Fresh and Cool

During hot and humid weather, it’s particularly important to help your dog stay hydrated. Your dog may become dehydrated more quickly, generate thirst faster, or just want to lap up some cool water to cool off. It’s also important to bear in mind that your dog’s water will become flat and stagnant more rapidly in hot weather. If you have to leave your dog unattended during the day and won’t be able to freshen water frequently, you should consider giving him or her a pet fountain that can help to keep water fresh and oxygenated.

Bring Water on Excursions

When you’re going on an outdoor expedition with your dog or just bopping around doing errands together, you should remember to bring some cool water and portable bowl for your dog. This will help keep your dog cool and hydrated when you’re out in hot weather, and it can help to prevent discomfort as well as serious health risks that can be brought on by intense heat.

Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

If you bring your dog somewhere with you in the car this summer, don’t leave him or her unattended. Temperatures inside of vehicles can climb well over 100 degrees in just a short amount of time. Your dog could experience a dangerous and in fact deadly to extreme heat. Bring your dog with you when you leave the car.

Keep Your Home Cool

If you’re going to be leaving your dog home during the day, don’t shut your AC off completely. Rising temperatures inside your home could cause your dog to be uncomfortable, anxious, and physically ill. You wouldn’t leave a family member to suffer in the heat, so you certainly shouldn’t do it to a pet.

Provide Your Dog With Summer Shade

If your dog likes to hang out in your yard, make sure that there’s a place where he or she can take refuge from the sun. An awning, pop-up tent, or cot canopy cover will make a great addition to your dog’s time outside in the summer.

Get Your Dog a Raised Bed

A cot that provides cooling support is a great item for your dog to use in the summertime. An upraised bed of a thin but supportive material provides hammock-like comfort. Your dog will prefer it to a bed that’s filled with material that reflects his or her own body heat, such as memory foam. In addition, these beds offer good orthopedic relief to older pets who are beginning to experience discomfort in aching joints.

Gear Up for Water Safety

If you’re going to bring your dog swimming with you in a pool, lake, or at the beach, you need to think about equipping your dog with a life vest . Not all breeds of dogs are natural swimmers, and dogs with shorter legs may find swimming to be particularly difficult if not impossible. Even breeds that can swim may not be able to tread water for very long, and a dog who is getting on in years is likely to tire out more easily. A safety vest will help your dog stay safe while in the water and also maximize his or her enjoyment of playtime in the water.

Keep your dog safe in the summertime by paying extra attention to climate, making fresh and cold water available at all times, and making sure that your dog has all the gear that he or she needs to be safe and comfortable in the sunshine and the water.


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