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January 18, 2013

Meet the Cat Breed: The Domestic Shorthair (Finally!)

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Dear Gentle Readers,

I am terribly disappointed with this new back yard. Why must it be "Baxter's Backyard?" Boo's Backyard would be just as catchy, if not more! I shall be using my feminine feline powers of persuasion to remedy this. How about a Kitty Kafé? Now's the time to stand up and be counted, so leave your affirming comments below, cat lovers!


I've noticed that even on the dog breeds, we're starting to list the so-called "designer breeds." Some would call these creatures mutts, but as a feline of unknown parentage, who am I to scratch at another? So I thought it would be appropriate to introduce my adoring fans to the wonder of the Domestic Shorthair Cat (DSH).

The Domestic Shorthair Cat is a noble creature, regal in bearing, and widely available for adoption at your local shelter. We are so amazingly diverse that you will be able to find the perfect one to suit your family's needs. Some are large, some are small, and we come in all kinds of temperaments. Because of the diverse gene pool of this pseudo breed group, we are very hardy and prone to good health and longevity, even around 20+ years. (Beat that, dogs!)

Domestic Shorthair Cats are not to be confused with the American Shorthair or the British Shorthair. Though a DSH may coincidentally resemble a specific breed, the key to being labeled as a purebred is the fact that any offspring will continue to breed to that type, rather than revert to the natural wild tabby style in later generations.

Of course the goal of many of the shelters that DSH cats come from is to limit subsequent generations (which is fine... motherhood is a tough job!)

So while the Domestic Shorthair Cat may be a pseudo breed, I want to affirm mixed-breed cats everywhere. After all, you don't need a pedigree to be someone special! Rock what ya got! And do consider adopting another cat or two, because cats this awesome deserve a furever home!

Why the Domestic Shorthair Cat is the Best Choice

Coat:   Our short coat doesn't get matted and comes in an endless variety of colors to suit every taste! Less fur to find in your food! (Though you were looking for more fiber in your diet, correct?)

Skills:  We DSH cats are all-around great cats with a variety of skills from mousers to viral YouTube sensations; we are versatile in the private and public arenas!

Adaptability:  What other creature could turn a sink into a comfy bed? We can live nearly anywhere... we are like... cat ninjas!

Pursonality Plus: Domestic Shorthair Cats are intelligent, trainable (believe it or not) and vary in temperaments, so if you're looking for a muse to keep quiet and monitor your writing or painting, there's a cat for that. If you're looking for a lap warmer, there's a cat for that. If you want a talker to remind you about important cat maintenance, there's one for that too! Though cats are much less maintenance than dogs.

Getting a Domestic Shorthair Cat is a big decision, but an important one. So if you are not sure, and would like to have a chance to get to know one before making a long-term commitment, why not consider becoming a foster parent for your local shelter? That way, you can help cats get out of an overwhelming situation (overcrowding) that may not be conducive to letting our true inner cat shine. Perhaps you'll be a "Foster Cat Failure" and decide one of us needs to stay with you forever! Tee hee!


Ms. Bella Boo

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