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August 24, 2012

Meet the Breed: Scottish Fold

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Dogs shouldn't have all the fun being featured in the directory of breeds that's coming soon to our blog... especially since it's Feline Friday! Meet the Scottish Fold, a sweet, soft-spoken breed that is sure to charm with their endearing owl-like features.

This Totally Worked in Shrek!

Ever since we featured this photo on our Facebook page, I've been curious about these little guys!


The Scottish Fold is a fairly new breed that was developed from a single barn cat, named Susie, found in 1961 in the Scottish village of Coupar Angus. The breed was developed by outcrossing with the British Shorthair and the American Shorthair to to ensure the robust health of the breed. These allowable outcrossings also contribute to the mild temperament of the breed.


The folded ear look actually comes from a genetic mutation in which the cartilage is weak in the ears, so kittens from the same litter may have varying degrees of the folded ears or even straight ears. The ear traits become evident at around 3 weeks of age. Even the folded ears are very expressive, able to swivel, lay back and show all usual cat ear body language. Some additional cleaning of wax buildup may be required for this breed.

Scottish Folds are a medium-sized cat weighing in at 6-9 pounds for females and 9-13 pounds for the males. They are available in a variety of colors and lengths of hair due to the foundation stock being from a barn cat of unknown genetic heritage.

Health Concerns

Breeders note that it is important to not breed two folded-ear varieties to each other as this crossing has the potential for skeletal deformities. The original concerns for occasional deafness in the breed have been traced to the foundation cat, Susie, being white (white cats and dogs are more prone to being deaf) rather than to the ear structure itself. It is important to find this breed through a reputable breeder who is educated in genetics to ensure you get a healthy cat of this variety.


Scottish Folds are very sweet, docile cats that bond easily with their people and adapt to a wide variety of situations. They typically enjoy other household pets as well. They are  intelligent and playful. They have an unusual sitting position with their hind legs stretched out and their front paws resting on their bellies, which is known as the "Buddha Position." They also can sleep on their backs.

Is this breed right for you? Check out this video for more information:

Featured photo courtesy of Oxana Sorochan

Barbara Baughman on August 24 at 8:45 PM said:

I live with a straight eared Scottish Fold, Bob. He is a total character. You can watch him think through his moves. He does well with my other Fur babies,but can torment others. He brings light and laughter to my home.
Your Questions About Munchkin Cats on September 11 at 6:08 PM said:

[...] Scottish FoldsNORTON, THE CAT WHO WENT TO PARIS: SCOTTISH FOLD BOOKS AUTOGRAPHED TO BASIL!Meet the Breed: Scottish Foldvar base_url_sociable = [...]

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