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November 21, 2019

Meet Narwhal: The Unicorn Puppy!

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If you’ve been on any social media lately, chances are you’ve heard all the craze about a new rescue puppy from Missouri that has a tail growing out of his forehead. Yes, this is a real thing and we are all falling in love with this adorable new rescue pup who has been named Narwhal after the whale with a tusk coming out of its head more commonly known as a narwhal. Keep reading to learn more about his cute as a button pup!


Who is Narwhal?

Though he goes by Narwhal, his full name is actually “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn!”

Narwhal is a 10-week old puppy who was discovered last Saturday by Mac's Mission, a nonprofit organization is Missouri who specializes in special needs dogs. Sadly, he was found in the freezing cold with frostbite on one of his paws. But is recovering quickly! Mac’s Mission helps those special needs dogs that have been abused and or born with defects and said in a Facebook post, "He seems completely healthy other than some usual puppy worms he got meds for."

The adorable Narwhal was found with another dog that rescue workers think maybe his father. The older dog has been named “Poppa Smurf,” and is a Daschund Terrier mix, so they are assuming Narwhal may have some Daschund in him too!


About The “Furry Unicorn Horn”

The tail is located on his forehead right in between his eyes and is short and stubby!

The first question that probably popped into your head was “Can the tail wag?” The answer is no, the tail does not wag.

Mac’s Mission says that it flops side to side when he plays though! And Yes, he does have a normal tail, he was just made extra special with a little more pizazz than other puppies which luckily doesn’t stop him from being a typical adorable and playful puppy!

Vets did take X-ray scans and they showed the tail isn't connected to anything. It actually has no real use, as far as they can tell, but it also doesn't cause him any pain which is good! This also means there's no medical reason to remove it, so the forehead tail is here to stay!! A Facebook post from Mac’s Mission stated, "The unicorn face tail does not bother Narwhal and he never slows down just like any normal puppy!"

Even though he isn’t ready to be put up for adoption yet, the organization has already received over 50 adoption applications for him! Have you fallen in love with Narwhal yet? I know we have as well as thousands of internet fans!!


Photo Credit: Mac's Mission


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