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May 21, 2012

New Fashion for Top-Notch Pets: Tattoos

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We love pet fashion here at BaxterBoo. And we know you do too! In fact, when we were just a fledgling company, we thought we'd carry a few leashes, maybe some bowls, scratching posts, and call it good. But then you people just couldn't stop buying clothes for your dogs and cats! We think giving folks something to smile about is fun and and makes the world seem just a bit more friendly. Now high-end groomers have gone beyond clothing and surpassed imagination with pet tattoos!

What is a "Pet Tattoo?"

Unlike human tattoos that are permanent on the skin, Pet tattoos are semi-permanent and often airbrushed on the fur. This catches my attention because I enjoy doing the occasional face painting gig on the side to combine my love of painting with my love for kids. Now I could add pets to that equation? Tell me more!

Dogs as Art

Pet tattoos are an outgrowth of the craze for extreme grooming, particularly in Asia, where dogs have been dyed and trimmed to resemble pandas and lions. Contests for artistic grooming have begun to spring up here in the West as well, and Hollywood stars have been seen with their dogs modeling dyed do's.

Don't Try this at Home (at least with home-made concoctions)

First things first, dog skin is more sensitive than human skin, so special dyes are required. According to Pet-Ink, a pet tattoo kit supplier, the dyes work best on light coats, and short-hair will create a sharper looking image. They carry hundreds of stencil patterns and five colors. The colors are sponged on, being careful not to push the dye into the skin.

The practice of dying pets is not without controversy. And it is apparently illegal in some states. These laws were passed because damaging methods were used to dye mostly fowl and rabbits in the past. Now nontoxic dyes have been formulated specifically for use with pets, which we do stock. Tattoos are potentially less risky since the coverage area is less.

Here is an excerpt from USA Today on the subject: "The national pets rights group PETA says dying a pet's fur can cause stress and lead to complications or allergic reactions that endanger the animal's life. They also say giving a pet a tattoo, which can feature a sports team logo, holiday-inspired design or tribal art, is insensitive to an animal's dignity. 'Our dogs and cats love us regardless of how we look,' says PETA spokeswoman Jane Dollinger. 'We should extend the same kindness to them.'"

Well I guess PETA has pretty much alienated 95% of our customers with that comment. But we know our customers LOVE their pets! Who else but you folks would select lovely fashions, Doggles, and sandals to protect their pets from UV rays and hot cement?

Is this over the top? Is is okay to dress your pets when there are starving children in Africa? Do pets enjoy high-end fashion and pampering and all the attention it affords them?

Note: Our photo is not an authentic pet tattoo. I designed it for illustrative purposes only.  For authentic images, visit Pet-Ink.

Ellen Monts Hall on May 21 at 1:16 PM said:

I could not hate this idea more.
Cheryl A. Gentz on May 22 at 11:48 AM said:

Hello, I would not risk my pets well being for this procedure ........period.
Joanne Curtis on May 28 at 2:12 PM said:

I do not think tattoos for a dog is a good idea at all. I would never get my dog one. Dressing-up your dog in an outfit is cute, tattooing is not cute.

What do you think?

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