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January 1, 2013

New Year, New You With Help from Your Furry Friends!

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If you're like the folks here at BaxterBoo, you've had a few too many treats over the holidays, but looking at the New Year, you're thinking about getting back on track to a healthier lifestyle and making this year the best year yet! Being the pet lovers that we are, we know that the healthier living can be even more fun when including your pets. The are several things people consider when trying to live healthier lifestyles: eating better, getting exercise, making new friends, and making smart money choices. Read on to discover how your critters can contribute to living the healthy life you've always wanted. Eating Well As you start making your own healthy food choices, maybe it's time to think about your pet's diet too. It feels good to have a partner when making lifestyle changes, and eating healthy can extend to your pets too. It may seem counter intuitive, but a more expensive high-quality pet food may actually save money because better foods contain fewer fillers, therefore less food is required to maintain health. Fewer fillers also mean less waste products (less yuck in the back yard and litter box!) Don't forget to make treats healthy too since minor changes can make a bigger impact on a small creature. Of course optimal nutrition also means fewer visits to the vet because of health problems, and your pet will have more energy to be your workout buddy! Working out is always better with a buddy! We understand that it's tough to stay motivated to go on walks when the weather is cold. Luckily, there have been a lot of advances in clothing technology that has extended to our furry friends too. We carry lots of coats, fleeces, boots and more to ensure that your pup can enjoy outdoor adventures with you all winter long. Even winter sun and exercise can improve mood and a sense of well being for both you and your pet. carries several options to make walking and even running with your dog a breeze! There are couplers for multiple dogs, bungee leashes, hands-free options that will make exercising safe and fun to keep you both motivated year 'round! Check out our selection of athletic gear here. What about working out with your cat? Okay, that's generally not going to happen. While they would appreciate not being left out of a good play session that masks exercise into being fun, it generally requires only a flick of a cat fishing-pole (so you can't really count that as much exercise for you.) Still, one can't underestimate the health benefits of enjoying playtime with kitty. But I've been waiting to share this video with you, and here's my chance! Making New Friends Getting outside with your dog is a great way to meet people. Not only will your dog make a great ice breaker, the local dog park is a great place to meet other dog lovers. If your dog makes friends first, the human friendship is pretty easy to follow through on. Sometimes this even works for romance! Making Smart Money Choices This might be the year to consider investing in Pet Insurance so as to not be waylaid by unexpected pet expenses. This makes the ever-important regular visits a priority to ensure that health issues are caught early. This will also keep expenses down. We will be covering other ways to live frugal, yet full lives with your pet with money-saving tips in an upcoming blog! What are your plans to make this year the best yet with your pets? Everyone at BaxterBoo wishes you and yours a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!

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