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June 6, 2012

NJ Click It or Ticket Law Applies to Pets Too

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Pet owners and non-pet owners alike have their dander up over a new law that went into effect in the Garden State. New Jersey police can stop a vehicle with an improperly restrained pet and issue a ticket ranging from $250-$1,000 and be subjected to a disorderly conduct offense under animal-cruelty laws. Fines for humans not being properly restrained are $46, according to a New Jersey government website.

Response around the web has been heated about the Garden State being a Nanny State, and this being just another revenue stream for the government. It definitely seems unbalanced for fines to be 5-20 times heftier for unrestrained pets than for people. As a native Coloradan, I'm naturally biased against heavy government intervention with a carefully cultured independent frontierswoman mentality. (I realize that driving a minivan and living in suburbia probably negates everything I just said.)

Underneath the rhetoric, however, is a truth many pet guardians may have trouble owning up to: unrestrained pets can be a distraction to drivers, just like cell phone use, adjusting the radio, eating, applying cosmetics, and many other non-driving related activities that many of us regularly engage in.  Not only can pets distract drivers, a pet can be injured or lost during the chaos of an accident. Restraining our pet just makes sense...for pets and their people.

Are Fido and Fluffy doomed to a life of automotive boredom? Here at BaxterBoo, we are all about fun, and safety can be a part of that. Here are our best car safety products to illustrate that it's cool to be a cat or canine in the car.

Small Pet Safety

Alma Eliza from Brooklyn, New York shows us that it's cool to be safe in her Doggles and Deluxe Lookout Car Seat!

For dogs and cats up to 18 pounds, pampered pets love our Deluxe Lookout Car Seat.This booster seat  accommodates a pets natural desire to look out the window, which helps to reduce motion sickness. This deluxe model features a bottom storage drawer to hold pet supplies. It secures easily with a seat belt and also features a strap to be attached to your pet's collar or harness. The washable cover has a cozy sherpa lining. This product is made in the USA, so you can still show support and love for our country even when politicians and bureaucrats make us crazy!

The Signature Pet Car Seat & Carrier is a great value as it doubles as a car seat and a carrier in one. It's nicely ventilated with lots of mesh panels. It easily straps in your car and converts to a carrier when you zip it shut and use the comfort handles. With it's interior safety tether, you can let your pet look out the pop top and still have him be restrained. Also available in blue. Fabulous price point on this one!

Big Dog Safety

For folks who don't reside in New Jersey (where they require a pet to be harnessed) an excellent option for restraining medium to large-sized dogs would be one of our back seat or cargo area barriers. This one by Kurgo is an especially great value with smart features: Universal fit for most vehicles from a compact car to SUV • Easy to Install & Remove • Looks good enough to make it permanent • Front seat stays clean of dog hair • Protects passengers & cargo from roaming dog • Protects dog from launching forward during quick stops • An optional mesh window (included) can be added to give the Back Seat Barrier additional height for large dogs • The detachable mesh window will not obstruct use of rear view mirror • Works best on vehicles with movable headrests.

Safety for Most Sizes

Another of our favorite products that works for most dogs is our Over the Head Comfort Harnessthat includes a car seat restraint loop.Step out into the world in style and comfort with the revolutionary Over the Head Comfort Dog Harness by Mutt Gear and Doggles!
  • Easily fits over the head and adjusts to a perfect fit around the belly.
  • Lined in reflective trim and includes a car seat restraint loop.
  • Made from recycled plastic water bottles!
  • Contour chest panel made of soft, durable 1680 denier nylon and fits over the head.
Why We Love It: Sporty dogs will love this cool Black and Gray Over the Head Comfort Harness. Designed with ultimate comfort and movement in mind with ballistic materials on chest to protect from sticks and rubs. Perfect dog harness for any dog who loves to get out in the world and explore! Available in multiple colors.

Other helpful product links:

Dog Auto Harness with Tether

Auto Zip Line with Harness by Kurgo

EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness

Pet Tube Travel Solution

We know that our customers love to protect their pets, but do you think this law is too intrusive?

Diana on June 6 at 12:46 PM said:

I heard about this law three days ago but it is my understanding that it is not a new law; it just never gets enforced. It was on a local radio station and apparently has been around for some time. I have in fact been stopped with my three dogs in the car. Two were in a puppy bag and one was in my lap. The officer mentioned a tail light that was out, played with the dog and left. Consider this: legally your dog is considered property. If someone causes harm or death to your dog, you can not sue them in NJ for punitive or emotional damages. Your vacuum cleaner is also property. So, if your vacuum cleaner flies through a window because it is unrestrained, well, what about that? The government should mind it's own business,.
Mareline on June 6 at 2:56 PM said:

A flying dog can harm the driver and passengers in an accident...objects which are loose are flying missiles.
KG on June 7 at 5:34 AM said:

I think all states should have this law. I have a friend whose dog caused her husband to crash. He, that dog, and two other dogs died...the only survivor was the dog in a crate. If you love them, crate them or buckle them's not worth the risk.
Sheryl Goad on June 7 at 7:32 AM said:

My son had a precious Yorkie who was allowed to ride in his lap, leaning out the driver's window. During a sudden stop to avoid hitting a car, Addie was thrown out of the window and onto the highway. Luckily no cars were headed at her but she had a slight concussion. It was a pure lesson to me. I have my Yorkie restrained in a booster seat. She loves it! And I feel she's safe during our many travels.
Maxine Fick on June 10 at 3:06 PM said:

I have been using a harness attached to a seat belt in the back seat for years. Today we were riding in our SUV with our new pup in the back seat with her seat belt harness on I saw a woman driving with her small dog in her lap looking out the driver's window. I commented to my husband that if she got into an accident (even a relatively minor one) her dog would be killed by the air bag. I think driving with your dog should be no different than driving with your child. Both should be restrained for their own safety. To do otherwise is to be an irresponsible owner/parent. I live in NJ and hope they enforce that law.
Owner of Mauled Malti-Poo Not Granted Compens on August 1 at 9:27 AM said:

[...] not forget that this is the state that requires animals to be restrained in cars or face up to a $1,000 fine and a disorderly conduct offense under animal-cruelty laws. [...]
Joe on September 2 at 7:35 PM said:

My dog has been a perfect passenger in my NJ car. Now I have to "punish" him because of some moron politicians? Welcome to the nanny state where there no problems left to be solved, so now they go after dogs.
chanel on October 4 at 11:28 AM said:

This is ratchet!
broccoli on October 4 at 11:30 AM said:

what. the. hell. is. this. BS!!!!!! total BS
helthy1 on October 4 at 11:33 AM said:

Potatoes are good for you!

What do you think?

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