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August 14, 2013

Pet Flipping: What You Need to Know About This Heartless New Crime

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As if losing a pet isn't traumatic enough, now you might have to compete with criminals and buyers to get your pet back. A new trend in preying on pet owners has people claiming lost pets that never belonged to them and then selling them on sites like Craigslist to make a quick buck. 

Tricks of the Trade

Sometimes the thieves respond to Found ads and pose at the dog's owner. Sometimes they'll just find a missing pet. Others will take a dog directly out of a yard and resell your pet for easy money. Regardless, this is a despicable act that is becoming more prevalent.

Judging from the convicted woman's response to her crime, these thieves feel no remorse about their actions. It's scary that she is raising children who are guided with an underdeveloped sense of ethics. 

What can pet finders do to make sure a dog gets to his rightful owner?

If you find a pet and want to post the information to find the true owner, be sure to leave certain descriptions off the post. Quiz prospective owners about details that only someone familiar with the dog would know such as unusual characteristics not readily seen on a photograph, like markings, a curled tail, or specific weight. If you suspect the respondent isn't familiar enough, say you have to ask these questions because you have multiple people claiming to be the owner. The response to that comment should also give you insight into the person's true motive. A genuine owner would be appreciative of your precautions. 

Precautions against pet flipping

  1. Don't leave your pet unattended, even in a fenced yard.
  2. If your pet is missing, check Craigslist to see if your pet is listed.
  3. Get your pet microchipped. This is an easy, definitive way to prove your ownership that can't be removed like an ID collar can. 

For more information, visit Today News.


Jackie FitzGerald on August 14 at 7:02 PM said:

I think its more horrible than words can express. There is so much about dogs, and all other animals that we as a species are just beginning to understand. As a poem I have expresses...they have been here much longer than we have and walk in ways with senses far above ours. They do not walk behind or before us, they walk with us in this travail of life. The people in the world that have never had an animal touch their hearts are to be pitied for their loss. But to perpetuate this kind of pain on someone who loves their dog as a true family member should be harshly punished as should every form of animal cruelty.This crime hurts not only the human owners of our beloved pets, but also the dogs has been proved in numerous times that their bond with us is as strong as ours with them. When I say they must be brought to justice, I mean punished in a truly hurtful, meaningful way that will bring the real attention to this subject that it deserves. The future generations should and must be taught how very precious God's gift to us is that he gave us these precious souls to share our lives.
Kate on August 14 at 7:21 PM said:

This is not a new crime - beginning in the 17th century, the aristocracy began keeping "lap dogs" as pets. Dog thieves would take pets from yards, in parks or directly from servants walking them. Then the thieves would sell them back to the owner for a ransom. If the owner refused to pay, dognappers would send ears and paws to the owner. They would also sell the pets for use in "blooding" fighting dogs. Elizabeth Barrett's Cocker Spaniel, Flush, was stolen. Her father refused to pay the ransom - but Robert Browning paid and Flush was returned - shortly afterwards Elizabeth found the courage to leave her overbearing father - a side light in the romance of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Luckily, today we have microchip technology - worth every penny shuld your precious pet be lost or stolen.
Laura on August 15 at 11:40 AM said:

How do you suppose the woman in the video would feel if one of her children were "lost", then listed on Craigslist? Would she object if the first person who called and said they were the "owner" were then given the lost child? To those of us who love our fur babies, a family member is a family member, regardless of their species!

What do you think?

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