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July 12, 2019

Pets on AGT

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During the auditions of America’s Got Talent, the 14th season, pets are taking over the show! All kinds of animals have taken the stage from dogs to rats to talking birds! And even a guy dressed up like a seal and giraffe?? Here are some of the most fascinating and fabulicious animal acts so far in the show!

Dominguez Poodle Revue

Ever think about how hard it is to take care of 1 dog? Well, try 9 while also living out of an RV and teaching them out of this world tricks! The Dominguez family has been traveling all around the world performing with their 2 kids and 9 dogs. With starting out with 4 pups and living in Dallas, Texas, this large and furry family has gone a long way to be able to perform on one of the biggest stages in the world! With their first appearance on America’s Got Talent, Mr. and Mrs. Dominguez performed with their two kids, one of which was dressed up as an adorable pink dog in addition to their entire furry clan! The trick-filled performance was performed during the song Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen as their audience engaging background music! These amazingly talented dogs are all very well rounded, performing flips, handstands, walking on two feet, jumps over not 1, not 2, but 3 hurdles, jumping through hoops, and of course pushing the daughter in a little sparkly car! The Dominguez Poodle Revue got 4 yeses putting them through to the next round! We all can’t wait to see what they do next!

Melissa Arleth

Why keep it simple with the casual dog or cat as a pet when you can have rats that do tricks? On this season of AGT, Melissa performed with her rat, Henta: “Like the disease” who is 7 months old. She has two other rats as understudies! She has always loved rats since she was younger and trained them to perform alongside her! This skillful rat did a series of jumps, climbing up and down different objects, running on a wheel and even walking across Melissa’s legs while in a center slit position on her head to all form a rat-astic obstacle course! Throughout the performance, the judges and audience were continuously cheering Henta on and showing full engagement and support for the small creature! Melissa and Henta received 4 yeses and will be moving on to the next round! We can’t wait to see the rollercoaster of weird and fun that the real-life Ratatouille takes us next!

Michael Paul

Michael Paul is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has always loved being an exotic bird trainer! For his season 14 audition, he brought with him a very special bird that he has been training for a few years now. He starts by telling the audience to keep quiet so they don’t spook the bird and then bringing the bird out: surprising the audience and judges with an exotic bird PUPPET! Yes, folks, you heard it correctly, he brought a bird puppet. No need to worry, the bird does talk and poop and is completely harmless! Mr. Michael Paul is, in fact, a wonderful Ventriloquist and his exotic bird he is a puppet! Willy, the bird is a bird of prey in the wild, making jokes, doing impressions being hypnotized and even crapping every time Michael says “crap” or “number two” as an expression and not a command when Willy is under hypnosis! This happened a few times; cracking the judges and audience up each time! As everyone absolutely loved the humerus bird, Willy, and his trainer, they got 4 yeses and will also be moving on to the next round! Can’t wait for more laughs to come!

Sethward the Giraffe

Sethward auditioned for season 13 in 2018 as a caterpillar and did not make it through. Well, they say “never give up on your dreams,” so he came back this season as a giraffe… He starts his performance off by talking with a funny voice and educating the audience on how giraffe’s give birth! Before really doing anything, he had received 4 X’s from the judge’s but he still continued on with his act. He was then trying to get everyone to believe in him so he can grow a longer neck. While he was growing his neck, he ends up falling and being dragged off by the AGT host, Terry Crews! He did not go off without a fight as he made very strange noises and accidentally flashing the audience all the way off the stage! Though I don’t know if the judges and audience can tell if Sethward is supposed to be a comedy act or not, he believes in himself and will return for the 3rd time!

Sethward the Walrus

Who says dreams can’t come true? After two failed attempts to make it past the audition round of America’s Got Talent, Sethward was given a glimpse of hope when he almost made it through with Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell giving him a yes. Gabrielle Union was quick to say no and the audience was trying to persuade Julianne Hough in putting him through but said no in the end! He did change it up this time and came out dressed as a walrus! He finally wins the two judges over by doing walrus “tricks”, making walrus sounds, and falling on his face multiple times! After two X’s, he decides to take it up a notch. This caused Mr. Walrus to plump and fall off the stage! They guys say they finally understand it and “it was actually fantastically stupid!” Be on the lookout, he will probably return for a 4th shot at making his dreams come true!

We love watching all the furry and cute animals, well mostly furry and cute, take over the stage on America’s Got Talent and win over everyone’s hearts, even the rat! Make sure to keep up with your favorite furry act and watch America’s Got Talent every Tuesday night on NBC! Fingers crossed that all these fur-tastic acts continue to impress and go far in their careers!


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