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November 20, 2013

Precious Photos of Toddler and Puppy Nap Time Going Viral

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Jessica Shyba is a wife, mother, a popular blogger, photographer and now a brand-new guardian of a rescue puppy.

Last Christmas, her two older to children told Santa that they wanted a puppy, but it wasn't a dream the Shyba family could fulfill just yet. With strapped finances from paying off dental school student loans, living in a cramped rental in Manhattan with a no-pet policy and a pending move, it simply wasn't the right time to adopt a dog. 

A wish granted

Finally, nearly a year later, the Shyba family felt settled enough to take on the responsibility of bringing a puppy into their home. After a couple of visits to the local shelter, they finally found a litter at the Santa Cruz SPCA.

"Big Bird," as the shy little puppy was dubbed at the shelter, was very young - only 7 weeks old. Even though he wasn't the most outgoing of his puppy siblings, he bounded into the lap of their toddler Beau. The joy that passed between them sealed the deal, and they brought the mix-breed pup home on November 4th.

Jessica posted this photo on her social media accounts the next day:

Jessica Shyba with Theo the puppy 

"I may not have slept last night, but I am in loooooveee!"

Puppy parenting, by the book

The Shyba family put a lot of thought into adopting their new family member. They had every intention of raising the little guy they had decided to call Theo "right," which would include crate training. But after two sleepless nights with the crying puppy, Mom settled in to rock baby Beau to sleep, and Theo snuggled in too.

The first naptime

"I was practically howling at the cuteness-and nearly woke them both up," says Shyba.

The next day, at naptime, Theo arrived to repeat what was to become an afternoon ritual. Every day, Theo patiently waits for his human brother to fall asleep, then he cuddles in for a shared slumber, which lasts two hours. 

These are the sweet photos Jessica Shyba has captured daily ever since. Her photos have been featured on several major media outlets and they Shyba's have appeared on television. They've truly touched a sweet spot in our collective consciousness, reminding us to take time to cherish tender moments in a harried world. 

These photos are posted in the order they were taken so you can see Theo's growth in just these last two weeks!

November 5

November 8

November 10

November 11

November 12

November 13

November 14

November 14

November 15

November 17

November 18

November 19

November 20

November 21

November 22

November 24

November 25

November 26

Normally naptime is the time that moms get stuff done, but we're grateful Jessica is taking the time to share these precious, fleeting moments of awe.

They're cute, but could I handle the mess of puppies and babies?

Some moms might be thinking that they can't imagine adopting a puppy while in the thick of diapers and everything that goes along with being a young family. But as my mother told me when I was a young mother, "This is the perfect time to get a puppy, because you are already in the middle of the mess so what's the big deal?" My kids have grown up with our dogs and learned tenderness, compassion and responsibility. It hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't trade any of it! 

Make more wishes come true

Not only do we applaud the Shyba's for sharing these photos, we also thank them for adopting a shelter pup and raising awareness about the other homeless pets that also need sweet moments like these. The Santa Cruz SPCA that they adopted Theo from, like most shelters, is underfunded. Please consider helping your local shelter with a donation or adopting your own new family member!

You might want to consider bookmarking this page as I've decided to continue to keep updating the daily photos that Jessica Shyba posts.

Lesli Kostiz on November 20 at 11:59 PM said:

I enjoy your photographs SO much! They put a smile on my face every time! I can't even choose my favorite! I LOVE them ALL! Keep going, and maybe documenting his sweet little life w/your son Beau, as well as the other children. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for adopting a shelter dog!

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