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May 6, 2014

Puppy Mill Action Week - How Can We Help?

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What is a puppy mill?

A puppy mill is a commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the well-being of the dogs and puppies. Puppy mills are located throughout the United States.

Dogs in these operations are often severely neglected with little human contact. The adults rarely receive any grooming or health care. Breeding dogs may spend their entire lives in dirty, overcrowded cages. They receive minimal and poor-quality food and have to drink dirty water. When breeders lose their ability to produce puppies, they are often killed. 

Because these operations are motivated by profit, little consideration is placed on the genetic health of the dogs produced. Puppies born in puppy mills can be sick due to unsanitary conditions as well as inherited diseases. 

Puppy mills supply virtually all pet stores with puppies. Many of these puppies are also sold directly to the public through the Internet and through newspaper ads. Pedigree papers are often falsified.

Brandy is a former mill dog available for adoption!

How can we take action against puppy mills?

  • Don't shop at stores that sell puppies. This includes buying treats, toys and food there. Vote with your feet!
  • Do shop at stores that have adoption events or support rescues or shelters. (Yes, you can shop here, guilt free!)
  • Support legislation for tougher standards for treatment of dogs in commercial enterprises. (It's currently legal to keep dogs stacked in wire cages that are only 6" longer than the dog's measurements for their whole lives.)
  • Adopt, don't shop for pets! Encourage your friends to do likewise.
  • Consider adopting a puppy mill survivor. For folks with a lot of patience and stability, you could be the angel a mill survivor is looking for!  

For more information about puppy mills and how to help, please visit the ASPCA.

Both dogs pictured are available for adoption through the National Mill Dog Rescue.  

Yvonne Clement on May 6 at 5:35 PM said:

I've had a puppy mill Poodle and I have a beautiful adopted Poodle I call Princess! I love my Babies!!
Brenda on May 8 at 9:18 AM said:

I think all puppymills need to be shut down. There are plenty of beautiful dogs at shelters waiting for homes. Because of puppymills, a lot of shelter dogs die.
Brenda on May 8 at 9:19 AM said:

I think all puppymills need to be shut down. There are plenty of beautiful dogs at shelters waiting for homes. Because of puppymills, a lot of shelter dogs die.

What do you think?

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