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September 8, 2019

September 8th: National Hug Your Hound Day!

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Sunday, September 8, 2019 is NATIONAL HUG YOUR HOUND DAY!! Yay! It is always celebrated on the second Sunday of September! This day is all about your furry best friend and giving them an endless amount of hugs and appreciation! There’s no better way to spend your Sunday than to fill it with hugs of course!


This fabulously lovable day was first created by Ami Moore who is known as the “Dog Whisperer of Chicago.” She started this holiday to remind people just how important the bond and relationship is between an owner and their pet! She sought out to create this huggable day to increase the health and happiness of canines! Through many many qualifications, she is considered to be one of the world’s most famous dog experts. From creating a closer bond with your pup, you can start to see the world through the eyes of a 4-legged and smaller world.


How To Celebrate

Well to start with the obvious one… GIVE YOUR DOG A GIANT HUG! Then dress them up in a brand new outfit so they look as stylish as ever on their day! You can find hundreds of adorable Dresses for your little girl and hundreds of snazzy Shirts for your little boy or girl right here at BaxterBoo! After they have gotten a giant hug and are in a new fabulicious outfit, then you can spend some time contemplating what the world is like from a dog's point of view. You can think about and start to figure out what problems they may be having. Anything and everything from potty issues to eating and taking your socks or shoes. Most negative behaviors are signs of an unhappy pet, and Hug Your Hound Day is all about making sure your canines are happy and healthy!


Share Pictures and Videos

And of course, ALWAYS make sure to share all the wonderfully adorable pictures and videos of your furry best friends so that we can all give each and every one of them oodles and oodles of love! You can also, if it is alright with the owner, hug all other dogs you see on this very special day! Though it is technically called “Hug YOUR Hound Day,” any love you can give to any pet is worth a lot!


National Hug Your Hound Day is really truly all about observing your dog from their point of view, in their environment and in their everyday lives while exerting an abundance of hugs and love on them!


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