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February 14, 2020

Show Your Pets Love and Appreciation On Valentine's Day

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Love is in the air whenever Valentine's Day rolls around, and you undoubtedly have plenty of love to share with your special someone, your friends and family, and the lovable little fur balls that adore you all the time. Even if you've already picked out sweet gifts or made romantic plans for those people who just make your life grand, don't forget to include your four-legged friends when you celebrate the holiday this year. Here are a few great ideas for making your pets feel appreciated this Valentine's Day, giving them all the affection and happiness they deserve in return for the undying devotion they show you year-round.

Enhance Their Dinners With Fancy Flavors

Giving your pets the same wet food flavor or dry kibble day after day can be incredibly boring, for both you to see and your pets to eat. Mix it up and give your furry friends some bold new flavors for the special occasion. It's not recommended to completely change up their food since extreme changes can cause digestive issues, but adding an extra taste of something fresh and exciting to their original meals can be all it takes to make them feel cherished for the night. Choose a fancy salmon treat to serve with the regular old fish variety for your feline, or switch up flavors in your dog's regular kibble brand from basic chicken to a scrumptious lamb delicacy for your canine's best meal of the day. However you choose to spruce up their dinners for the evening, an added dollop of something tasty and luxurious can make all the difference as a Valentine's Day present. After all, if your special someone should be treated to a lovely meal, shouldn't your adoring, fuzzy comrades?

Dazzle Them With New Toys or Treats as Gifts

Though most humans celebrate Valentine's Day by handing out sweet chocolates, candy hearts or beautiful rose bouquets, your pets can enjoy some presents of their very own when you surprise them with some new toys or treats. Handing over new toys doesn't just increase physical movement and brain activity, but it also initiates more bonding time with you, their favorite owner! Pick an exciting toy or activity that requires your interaction as well, such as playing fetch or chasing a laser beam , to truly get the most out of your special day. Meanwhile, there's a wide assortment of enjoyable snacks on the market that your pets would love to add to their daily diet, which thankfully also includes plenty of specialty options to ensure they stay healthy in the process. Overall, a loving and devoted pet owner can't go wrong by adding more toys or treats to the equation, so use the holiday opportunity to go nuts and splurge.

Groom and Pamper Them From Head to Paw

What's more indicative of showing care and affection than pampering a loved one, whether they're your significant other or your beloved fur babies? Once play time is over and their bellies are full, it's time to groom your pets to your heart's content. Clip and file their nails to keep their paws looking clean and healthy. Give your pup a warm, sudsy bath that makes his or her coat shine for days, or simply invest some time in brushing out your cat's fur for a full-body massage that leaves your feline with a happy Cheshire grin. Top it all off with a lavish new fragrance that leaves your pets smelling fresh until the next grooming day. Opting for sweet cuddles and gentle petting while watching a movie isn't out of the cards either, but go the extra mile to truly show your pets real appreciation on Valentine's Day.

Create Lasting Memories With a Photo-Heavy Fashion Show

Depending on the animal in question, this idea could be the make or break option that either continues to brighten the day, or ruins it in its entirety. Some pets just don't enjoy wearing clothes or accessories of any kind, and they shouldn't be forced to under any circumstances if it gives them stress or anxiety. However, if your pets are game to step into some cute outfits for darling photos that last a lifetime, then by all means make it happen! Find holiday-ready dog shirts that inspire adoring coos from everyone in the room, or simply incorporate a few red or pink bows and a fresh collar that stands out for the occasion. Mark the day as special by snapping more photos than is ever necessary, giving your pets a chance to cuddle up with you and your loved ones and show off for the camera, while also allowing yourself the fond memories that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Keep Them Safe Amidst Your Other Holiday Plans

While you and your special someone might be enjoying your heart-shaped box of chocolates and your glasses of red wine, your curious pets could be eyeballing your human treats as soon as you leave the room. There's nothing more important and heartfelt than protecting your cat or dog from any potential dangers, even in your own home. Therefore, being extra cautious about your Valentine's Day festivities around your pets is crucial to everyone's enjoyment of the day. If you leave the room at any point for an uncertain amount of time, be sure to always store any alcohol or candy in a safe place where wandering paws can't reach. The same protective notion should be applied to any candles that are left burning around the room, or any pretty but exotic flowers or plants that are left unattended, which could possibly be harmful if chewed or consumed by intrigued pets. There's no reason to hinder your plans with your loved ones just to avoid potential mishaps, but simply being aware of the dangers is essential to keeping everyone, and every pet, healthy and happy.

Since Valentine's Day is the one day dedicated to showing endless love and support, be sure to incorporate everyone in your planned displays of affection, including your beloved furry friends. With any of these simple yet effective ideas as part of your big holiday plan, you're bound to prove your appreciation to your pets without fail.


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