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September 15, 2020

Some Fun Career-Themed Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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Have you ever dressed up for Halloween in a theme with your entire family? Perhaps Dad was Woody, Mom was Bo Peep and the toddler was Buzz Lightyear. Or maybe everyone in the family dressed as a different type of condiment. Dressing up as a theme with the people you love is a fun way to enjoy Halloween while creating memories that will never be forgotten. If your family includes a pooch, be sure you get him in on the fun as well. You’ve got endless themes to choose from, with one idea being careers. Check it out!

Swapping Careers

If you’ve got enough teens and adults with jobs in your group, you could swap careers and everyone could dress up as someone else. Perhaps Dad’s a mailman, Mom’s a personal trainer, Grandpa’s a train conductor and the teenager works construction. Switch things up a bit! Dad could dress as the train conductor, Mom as a puppy, Grandpa could be the personal trainer, the teenager would be a mailman and your dog could be the construction worker . The dog could wear a little orange vest with tools in his belt, complete with a hard hat! One of the benefits of this arrangement is construction vests are reflective, making your dog’s costume safe when he’s out and about at a party or going trick-or-treating with the family.

Matching Careers

Another idea is to coordinate careers so everyone in the party belongs to the same group. For example, everyone in the group could dress as doctors. With a simple costume such as the Dr. Woof Dog Costume , your furry family member will fit right in.

There are some more adventurous careers everyone could coordinate costumes for as well. For example, if there are three people and one pup in the group, you could be the Ghostbusters . If your dog does OK with wearing things on his head, you could all be cowboys and cowgirls for the night and wear cowboy hats.

Future Careers

Make the night super entertaining by keeping your costumes a secret from the others in the party. Everyone should be instructed to dress up as something they would like to do as a career in the future. See what types of things everyone shows up in! To get your dog in on the action, think about his personality and what would give everyone a good laugh. For example, if you have a hound dog that likes to sniff around, your friends might get a kick out of seeing the dog in a Sherlock costume .

If you have a dog that is always on high alert, barking at every knock on the door, and at everyone who walks down the street, a fireman or policeman costume could be quite fitting. You also have the option of sports costumes for dogs who are quite active, taxi cab drivers if your dog loves going for rides in the car and sailor costumes for a dog who loves the water.

Complementary Careers

There are some careers that aren’t the same, but they go together quite well. Whether you’re dressing up multiple dogs, or are throwing some humans in the mix, coordinate your costumes so all the careers complement each other. For example, dress your dog as a sheriff , and your humans as jailbirds. Have everyone pick a favorite sport and wear a jersey from that sport. You could include baseball, basketball, football and soccer.

Got some music lovers in your party? Create your own band with a drummer, a guitarist and a rock star dog . Some other careers that go well together are doctors and nurses or DJs and rock stars. You could all dress in a serviceman’s uniform from a different branch of the military. Your dog could dress as a firefighter and your humans could be police officers and FBI agents. As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to complementary careers, so get creative with it!

Past Careers

Another fun costume surprise activity is to have everyone dress as their past careers. There’s a chance you may not know some of your friends’ and family members’ past careers. One sure way to liven up the party is to include your dog in the fun with the Poop Factory Dog Costume . If you own a dog that actually had a past career, such as a retired police dog, you could dress him up in that as well.

Making Safety a Top Priority

Although Halloween can be a fun time to get creative with your pet, it’s also a time you need to seriously consider safety. When you’re planning your dog’s career costume, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Every costume should contain reflective materials or bright lights.

  • The costume should be as comfortable as any other dog shirt you’d put your dog in.

  • No costume should ever include sharp or otherwise dangerous objects.

  • Beware of choking hazards such as elastic, small pieces or anything that could get caught around the neck.

  • It’s never worth sacrificing safety for the “wow” factor of an incredible Halloween costume.

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting ways to celebrate Halloween with your dog in a career costume. Whether you plan to coordinate with everyone in your party, or are doing a matching costume with just you and your pooch, start thinking of ideas and have some fun with it!


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