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July 11, 2019

Summer Clothing Products

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As the temperatures continue to rise, so should your dog's happiness! Summer comes around and wraps a very warm hug around you and your pup, but sometimes it gets too hot and we need our personal space! Keep your furry best friend looking and feeling cool all summer long with these summer-licious clothing and products!

Stay Cool

No one wants their furry best friend to overheat and feel down. With these super fancy products, your dog will be cooled down in no time! The iCool Blue Dog Tank is just the thing for your pooch. Also available in Pink, keep your pup feeling cool and staying healthy with our revolutionary water-cooled fabric that feels dry to the touch.

Since dogs don't sweat, this dog tank top is a great tool to help keep your dog cooler with evaporative cooling technology. It is simple to use, is a cooling technology fabric, reflective piping, handy dandy leash hole, and is machine washable! To use, simply wet the tank, wring it out, and put the shirt on your pet to keep your dog comfortable in hot weather. The tank can be misted with water or re-immersed to rejuvenate the cooling properties.

To go hand in hand with your supersport stylish cooling tank, put on a iCool Pink Polka Dot Dog Scarf ! Just like the tank, this fabulicious scarf is reusable, and will keep your dog nice and cool by just adding water! This heat relieving scarf also comes in Blue Polka Dot , Solid Light Blue , and Solid Pink .


Summers are meant to be spent at the pool! Notice there is no P in it to keep it that way! But of course nothing was said about no dogs in the pool! Your little boy will be jumping into the water with these stylish and adorable swim trunks! These doggie swim trunks come in Tasmania Orange, Hibiscus , Okinawa Red Hibiscus , Pattaya Green Hawaiian Flowers , Blue Sharks and Belize Yellow Flowers .

Your little girls can get a nice tan and spice up the pool parties with these saucy dog bikinis! Jamaica Dog Bikini and Sidari Dog Bikini will look as cute as ever on your pooch!

If your pup can’t swim on their own or you want to make sure they are extra safe, put on a handy dandy life vest! These absolutely adorable life vests are available in Blue Atoll , Orange , Yellow and Red!

Your furry best friend can hit the waves and swim the day away with these Pink and Blue Dog Swim Shirts!

Your dog will have an absolute ball playing all summer long in their very own Splash About Dog Pool! These dog pools are portable, easy to fill and empty, and are made of extra-tough PVC for lasting use. They are perfect for a refreshing dip in the backyard, on decks or on patios. Pools fold down completely, making them easy to pack for summer vacations and easy to store during the winter months!

Your dog will be tail wagging love a pair of Doggles or in other words dog goggles while they are swimming! You won’t have to worry about your pooch getting dirty salt water, lake water, or chlorine in their eyes and they will be able to see all the adventures below them!

Outdoor Fun Times

Whether you and your pup are taking a nice stroll through the park on a hot and sunny day, joggy on a warm beach, or getting your evening walks in before bed, everything will be easier and more stylish when your pooch is wearing one of these fabulous Summer Harnesses !

Better Safe Than Sorry

Throw on a Sun Protection Dog Shirt to keep the sun away from your pup! This summer-licious shirt is fashionable, lightweight sun protection and contains UPF 50+ fabrics that block 98% of UV rays, wet or dry!

If shirts are a no go, spray on some Pet Sunscreen to help fight against sunburns and looking more fired than the chicken at KFC!

Keep your dog's eyes safe and looking as fashionable as ever with some fancy pair of Pink and or Gray Dog Sunglasses ! With 100% UV Protection, your dog will be wagging its tail all summer long!

With all these fantabulous summer products, your furry best friend will be looking and feeling as snazzy as ever!


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