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May 4, 2010

The Human-Animal Bond in Photos

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Similar to a mother-child bond, or husband-wife bond, a bond between a human and a pet is truly unique. There is a special level of understanding and love.

In celebration of National Pet Week I've collected 12 photos that I think capture that special Human-Animal Bond.

Photo - Flickr:beverly&pack



Photo - Flickr:victor-bezrukov

Cat in Hands


Photo - Flickr:noelzialee

Leaning & Loving Dog



Man's Best Friend Fishing



Girl and Horse



Mand and Cat


Photo - LIFE

Baseball Dog



Best Firend Sunset

Photo - Flickr:allerina&glenmclarty

Sleeping Cat



Girl and her Puppy






Boy's Best Friend


Hannah on May 12 at 5:17 AM said:

Very touchy and so heartwarming photos. Thanks for sharing such wonderful bonds between pets and owners..
Kay on April 17 at 8:26 PM said:

The photo of the yellow lab and boy is wonderful. I would like to ask permission to use photo for a painting

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