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August 9, 2011

The Saluki: Dog of The Egyptian Kings

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Salukis are a beautiful, living work of art. They have been praised throughout history and they're even known as one of the oldest domesticated dogs. Of course I’m a little biased because my universities mascot was the Saluki, but they're a highly unique, rare breed that deserves to get a little attention.


Throughout history, the Egyptians have been known to lead a life of social status and glamour. Their lives were filled with mystical legends and tales of gods and goddess. It’s widely known that they even held certain animals in higher respects than other cultures.

Salukis are considered “The Royal Dog of Egypt.” They’re even mummified with certain Pharaohs (talk about your high-class pup). At the time, they were considered the finest animals a family could possess.

Egyptians aren’t the only ones who honored the Saluki. The breed is thought to be mentioned in the Bible. They have made an appearance in medieval paintings and can be seen particularly in Paolo Veronese’s 1573 work of art called the Adoration of the Magi (a work regarding the birth of Christ). Veronese also painted the Saluki in some of his other religious works regarding Christ, including The Marriage at Cana.


A work of art itself, the Saluki is not only an exotic, beautiful breed, but they are graceful runners. Known for their speed and agility, the Saluki is an athletic, strong-willed breed. They have a keen eye for hunting, and if they run off to catch something, Usain Bolt couldn’t even catch up. Salukis have been known to tap out at 40mph and they can jump over a 5’ fence.

A Saluki will thrive on having a job to do. They love nothing more than to run. They enjoy vigorous exercise and excel at sports or activities such as at lure coursing, agility, flyball, jumping, racing, and tracking.


Independent and not easily controlled, the Saluki is a breed that likes to make its own decisions. An owner needs to have patience and consistency in order to train a Saluki, but even then, a well-trained Saluki is still a little mischievous.

They're gentle and very devoted members of the family. Children love them, and they love children. They’re sensitive and compassionate, but they can be too prim and proper to participate in a game of fetch. They’ll usually run and romp outside, then come in and head right to your bed to sleep on a load of pillows.

Peaceful by nature, Salukis are not an aggressive breed, unless you’re a squirrel or rabbit. They’re calm and submissive to people, but they have an inherent nature to chase and hunt other animals. Due to their pleasant nature, they can be raised around other dogs or cats.


Salukis are natural born athletes. They thrive off running and lots of exercise. Long walks or brisk running is best for these pups, however be on the lookout, however, because the #1 cause of death in Salukis is being hit by a vehicle. They’re very independent and determined, so if you let them off leash to chase, they will most likely get hurt and in some cases, killed.

Determination is what makes this breed a bit stubborn when it comes to recall. They often never pay attention to a handler’s call when they are on the chase.

A great companion for kids and adults, the Saluki is a unique breed that is sure to turn heads. Their grace and poise is enough to attract glances from onlookers. A natural born athlete and devoted friend is what makes the Saluki a breed to be celebrated.

Photo courtesy of: meteo

This post is dedicated to my husband and our alma mater, Southern Illinois Univeristy Carbondale (Go Dawgs!)

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