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May 4, 2011

The Simple Solution to Walking Multiple Dogs on Leash

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Chances are, you probably don’t live in my neighborhood, but I’m sure yours is similar to mine in one aspect. I’ll be driving along or out walking my dog, and across the street, any street, I see it. Someone walking their dogs, multiple dogs, and they are all tangled in a mess of leashes. They have to constantly stop and untangle everyone, only to be re-tangled again in a few minutes.

What is the solution, you ask? Well, if you are this person, or you want to help this person walking multiple dogs on leash, turn to a coupler leash. Just think, a 2 dog leash, what a genius idea (or 3 dog leash for that matter).

A coupler leash is designed to attach to your existing dog leash, then attach to multiple dog collars. The idea is to make it easier on the leash handler (that’s you), and keep the dogs organized and walking together. Now, I realize that a lot of people don’t like the idea because their dogs like to “roam” on leash, but this just gives the opportunity for the dogs (2 or 3 or more) to roam together as a pack. It’s not like adding a double dog coupler is tethering the dogs together, they each still have plenty of space.

How does a dog coupler leash work?

The simple diagram below (I should be an artist right?) illustrates how a double dog leash coupler works. The *click* is where you clasp the leash to the coupler and the coupler to each dog’s collar. It’s as simple as that!


Double Dog Leash Coupler Diagram


If you have two dogs that vary greatly in size, be sure to get an adjustable coupler, so you can make up for the difference in size and keep both dogs comfortable. Follow the sizing guidelines for getting a dog coupler that is the right size for your dogs.

We carry several couplers here at BaxterBoo. We have two- and three-way couplers ranging in size from 4” up to 24”. The coupler leashes are available in lots of colors to complement your dog’s existing leash or ensemble. Plus, they are inexpensive! It’s a miracle…an inexpensive and simple solution for a very frustrating problem.

Wow, I feel so much better now! Getting all that information out there about how to cope with multiple dogs on leash is exhilarating! Now, when I’m driving, I don’t have to pull the car over every time I see a tangled-multiple-dog-leash-and-human-mess anymore and give them the speech about couplers.



Donna Szlosek on April 4 at 9:33 AM said:

Couplers do not work -- one dog is always dragging the other -- one cannot stop to sniff or poop without getting dragged -- it is better to have separate leashes even though they tangle in seconds.

What do you think?

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