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January 17, 2012

TLC's I Cloned My Pet: Is Dog Cloning Acceptable or Just Plain Creepy?


Death is a natural process of life. It hurts to lose a loved one, especially a pet. Many grieve, but eventually time heals all wounds. However, some take it harder than others and while their measures may seem extreme, to them, it’s a way to mend a broken heart.

Take Danielle Tarantola of Staten Island for example. Featured on TLC’s I Cloned My Pet, she is a distressed pet owner, who lost her dog, Trouble, three years ago. She's had such a hard time letting go, she painted an entire wall in her house of a portrait of the dog's face.

Danielle also keeps around a pillow of his face on her bed, the water that was left in his water bowl and an urn of his ashes by her bedside. She even saved the last piece of chicken he nibbled on before his death.

If that doesn’t blow you away, you surely will be surprised to find out that she payed $50,000 to a South Korea company to have her beloved pet cloned. The Sooam Institute, is associated with a U.S. based company called BioArts, and one of South Koreas leading pet cloning companies. Dogs have DNA that is extremely hard to replicate, and right now, Korea is the only successful pet cloning country.

Since DNA replicating can get extremely expensive (upwards to the 150K range), a huge competition among cloning companies has emerged. In an article by TIME, Sooam Institute is stated to have created 75 clones and counting.

With plently of other cloning doggie owners available, I Cloned My Pet featured a few other outrageous stories. Peter Austin Onruang, from California spent years and hired two different cloning companies in an attempt to get a perfect clone.

A woman identified as Sheryl, is facing a possible 10 year prison sentence for transporting firearms, but that didn’t stop her from buying a clone of her precious mastiff mix, Blue Frankenstein. She arranged to see him during a prison visit, but it's questionable if she will ever get out soon enough to spend any time with the clone.

These owners go to the extreme to keep their pet’s memory alive. I’ve wrote blogs over pet portraits made of deceased ashes and pet preservation before, but the cloning concept blows me away.

The orginial idea of cloning seems to be a hopeful one, but in my love for all pets, I can't imagine what the surrogate mothers of the clones are subjected to. Not to mention all the puppies that are born, don't survive, or our deformed. The numbers of dogs that are abandoned every year is overwhelming, I'm sure these owners could find a pup that is a replica look-a-like.

Shelters are overrun with loveable, cuddly pups that need homes. Wouldn't it be a better idea to give one lucky pup a great home? They could also take the money that they were going to use to clone and make a large donation to a shelter! Those ideas seem much better than making an attempt to clone. Overall, getting the perfect clone results in lives lost. Instead of wasting life on a chance that you might get a clone similar to your pup, save a life by adopting a look-a-like.

Don't clone, adopt!

How do you feel about cloning? Tell us in a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Brenda Weddle on January 17 at 11:20 AM said:

I can u nderstand how someone would want their beloved pet cloned, but they must understand that it will not be the exact same dog. The money would be much better spent being given to rescues. There are too many homeless dogs in shelters to create or recreate one. Adopt and give the money to shelters and rescues.

What do you think?

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