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December 16, 2013

Top Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

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If you're like most of our customers, you found it easier to shop for your pet than you did for the humans in your life. We absolve you of any guilt you might feel about this. After all, there's a reason why dogs are known as "man's best friend." And those of us of the feline persuasion gladly embrace our inner "crazy cat lady."

Still, there's a good chance that a lot of your good friends and favorite family members might be also be pet people, and we have a grand assortment of gift ideas for fellow pet lovers. For a personal touch that shows your thoughtfulness, take a look at these suggestions:

Human clothing

Did you know that also carries a nice selection of clothing for humans? Here are some of our top picks:

Dog is Good Codependent Hoodie


This is the perfect hoodie for humans who know they are quite attached to their dog, and don't mind being a little over the top. Unisex sizing means this is ideal for every dog lover on your list. Clever comments and neutral color will ensure your recipient always makes a good impression. We like that it doesn't show dirt and is "fur friendly." Shop for all 'Dog is Good' human attire here

The Mountain Human T-Shirts

We love our Mountain Human T-shirts for people who are fans for a particular breed. A little cautionary tip... some of us bustier ladies have said that no matter how much we like our favored pets, we would not feel comfortable wearing big eyes on our T-shirts! Check out our entire collection here


Ornaments are fun because your recipient will always remember your thoughtfulness every time they decorate for the holidays! We have a large selection of breed ornaments to choose from for dog enthusiasts. 


Now you can have your pet-loving friend loving you right back with every cup of joe or sip of tea! We have a fun collection of mugs for pet lovers! 

Photo Frames

A frame is always a thoughtful gift for pet lovers. This hand-painted version comes in cat or dog styles. 

We love this desktop frame kit since it features a place for their paw print. This personalized gift is ideal for both cats and dogs! 

License Plate Frames

For a thoughtful gift for those who like to tell the world about their love for their pets, a license plate frame is tops! See our selection of license plate frames to find the perfect gift!

Consider getting two - one for the front of the vehicle and one for the back. 


If a car license frame isn't enough visual impact, try adding a magnet! We also have magnets suitable for the fridge of for use on filing cabinets. Magnets make a great gift or stocking stuffer!

Gifts for grooming

Grooming gifts are always requested for pet lovers. From knee pad mats to make tub bathing more comfortable, to yummy-smelling shampoos, conditioners or detangling sprays, we have the perfect grooming accessory for pet people! 

One of our favorites is this Dirty Paws Dog Footbath to keep paws free of winter sidewalk chemicals and grime. Simply fill with water and watch as the neoprene opening tames spills! Includes a towel mitt. 

We hope these ideas will help with your last-minute gift giving. No worries, because we are super-fast shippers! 

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