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October 4, 2011

Tricking-or-Treating Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween can be a bewitching time. With the loads of sugar, scary movies, and costumes, it’s no wonder why people tend to get so stoked over the nationally celebrated holiday. Between trick-or-treating and alcohol infused adult parties, the celebration can sometimes get a little out of control. It’s important to keep in mind certain safety measures for the whole family. While I’m sure you have heard the same speech since you were a kid, many forget how to protect every member of the family, including their loveable pups.

Martin Glinsky, Ph.D., is considered one of the premier pet nutritionists in the country. He has spent his life’s research in Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry.  With all of his knowledge, he knew how important a pup is to a family and how Halloween trick-or-treating can quickly turn your canine’s experience from fun to detrimental if the right precautions weren’t taken. So, he created a list of safety tips to help keep your family and your pup safe during Halloween.

  • During trick or treating, dogs should be kept on a shorter leash. Not only can little kids trip over the leash, the hustle and bustle of people can cause anxiety for your dog. Keeping them close by can help reduce accidents and keep your pup safe.
  • If your pup does suffer from anxiety, it is wise to keep them away from loud noises. For example, haunted houses often consist of loud bursts of noise that can cause stress for your dog. Keeping them away from the ruckus of active Halloween noise makers will help keep your pup calm.
  • If you’re the type to stay home and pass out candy, it might be better to keep your dog in another room, away from the door. Halloween costumes range from silly to just downright scary. I know I would be scared if a scary clown came knocking on my door, and I’m sure your pup would be too. You can also try to turn on some music like jazz or classical to calm your dog. Keeping them calm will only prevent your pup from getting the spooks or attacking innocent trick-or-treaters.
  • It seems like Halloween should be re-named the “Glorified Treat Holiday.” Everyone gets goodies on Halloween, so why shouldn’t your dog get one as well? If you would like to pass out puppy treats for those furry treat-or-treaters, raw-hide free and/or organic dog chews are the best option. A treat that is “mini” sized and easily digestible would be appropriate for dogs of all ages and it won’t hurt their sensitive bellies.
  • After a long night of scouring the neighborhood for treats, families are usually exhausted, but kids are wide awake due to the massive amounts of sugar that reside in their Halloween bags. If your kids have brought home tons of goodies, it’s important to remember that candy is detrimental to a dog. Keeping the goodies way out of a dog’s path is ideal for keeping your pup healthy and out of trouble.

All of these tips can be extremely helpful in remembering safety procedures for your loveable fur ball on Halloween. Sometimes we get wrapped up in costumes, candy, and ghoul’s blood and forget that safety should always come first.

Do you have your own tricks for a safe and happy Halloween? Tell us in a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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