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August 16, 2014

Two Friends of Animals Lost: Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall

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This world lost two wonderful stars this week - Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. Not only was it a loss for us humans; it was also a loss for animal advocacy. Williams and Bacall were both fans of animals, and dogs, in particular. In a series of two articles, we will share their love and accomplishments as pet and animal lovers. 

Robin Williams: July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014

Here at, we were first aware that Williams' sense of humor transcended the human world when he posted a photo of a dog wearing one of our costumes. "Miss Verna Pearl has her outfit picked out for premiere night this Thursday at 9 p.m. #thecrazyones."


Sadly, Verna Pearl passed away last year. The broken-hearted Williams eulogized the adopted Bosten Terrier: "RIP Miss Verna Pearl. She was my assistant's dog but my road dog, my trailer dog. Suddenly and without warning. We will miss her when we go back to work today on #thecrazyones. Adopted from the @sfspca #adoptandrescue"

Williams - a friend of all animals

One of Williams' last public appearances was at the San Francisco Zoo on June 6. A Howler Monkey was named after Williams as a tribute to his support.

We'll always remember Williams' humor and the way he liked to monkey around. Here he is with his costar Crystal, from Night at the Museum

Left behind - Leonard Bean

Williams left behind a loving family, millions of fans, and his Pug named Leonard Bean who graced his Instagram account with several funny photos.


Leonard was adopted from the Curly Tail Pug Rescue in New York. Leonard's mother, Clementine, was a puppy mill survivor who came to the Curly Tail rescue pregnant. All of the puppies in Clementine's litter died except one - a sickly pup who would eventually become known as Leonard Bean. The little Pug required intensive supervision by a foster mom to help him through his first "ruff" months. Eventually, Williams, an adoption advocate, was able to bring him home in March of 2010. 

A lifestyle of animal advocacy

Williams' was such a fan of the animal kingdom that he refused to wear animal products including wool and leather. He was also a vegan.

Perhaps this decision was influence by his encounter with Koko, the gorilla who communicated with sign language. We hope you'll enjoy this touching video that captured their interaction.  

Next: A tribute to Lauren Bacall - an American icon and animal lover.

ABRAHAM on August 17 at 9:51 AM said:

WOW, A wonderful tribute to one of my very favorate comic/actors. So many years of joy and laughter and he truely loved animals. Thank you, for posting such a WONDEFUL tribute to a well deserved person. I got a little emotional while watching and smiling but all in a very good way. I'm so hooked on the Baxterboo blogs.
BaxterBoo on August 18 at 2:52 PM said:

We will all miss Robin Williams. Thanks for your feedback! Mary

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This entry was posted by Mary.

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