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October 7, 2019

Why Do Dogs Curl Up While They Sleep?

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We have all taken many MANY pictures of our pups all curled up while they are sleeping and looking as adorable as ever!! Have you ever wondered why they actually curl up while they sleep other than to make sure their humans know just how cute they are? Well there is actually a specific reason that dates all the way back to when they were all wild dogs and not living in warm comfy homes.


Keeping Nice and Warm

When dogs were/are sleeping in the wild, especially if it’s cold, they will often dig a nest or hole and curl up in it. This helps them to stay warm while also giving them warmth. By tucking into a ball, they are conserving their body heat! Wow science! It also helps to make sure their vulnerable organs in their stomach area are protected from any possible predators. It also helps them to feel more safe, even in a safe area, because sleeping is a vulnerable state and it helps them to cozy up, get comfy, and feel less vulnerable.

If your dog is all spread out when they sleep, it either means they are hot or they feel very safe in the place their at and their surrounds!


Feeling Secure

If your furry best friend is all curled up, they are either cold, feeling unsafe or in an unfamiliar place.

To help any pup feel more at home, especially a new puppy, give them their own space and time so they can get used to everything and learn their surroundings. Owners often will give their pup a blanket or a toy that they get close with and makes them feel more comfortable wherever they go so they don’t feel unsafe.

Though our furry best friends look as cute as ever when they are sleeping and curled up, there is surprisingly an actual reason they do this. Surprise! It isn’t just to always get their way, have endless pictures of themselves, and make us smile. Though this all does happen! Especially when your pup curls up while they are laying on your lap! Remember to always give your dog all the love and support there is because they may not be our whole world, but we are theirs and they deserve the best!!


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