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September 12, 2017

Your Biggest Cat Ownership Dilemmas—Solved

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Cats are known for being low-maintenance pets, but cat owners know that along with the joy of petting their soft fur, hearing that sweet purr, and laughing at their outrageous personalities, there are some challenges that feline owners often face. Some of the most universal dilemmas include the litterbox, destruction of furniture, and shedding. Don’t despair—solutions exist! Many of these problems are so common that people have found clever ways to have their kitty and save their sanity too.



The Litterbox


The litterbox is probably at the top of most cat owners’ lists as far as dilemmas go. It presents the owner with many difficult questions, such as:


  • Where should the litterbox go?
  • How can the smell be minimized?
  • How can the litterbox be less of an eyesore in my home?
  • How can tracking and kicking of litter outside the box be prevented?
  • How can the litterbox be both private and easily accessible for my cat and for cleaning purposes?



The good news is, many of these litterbox problems can be easily solved with one item. This item is a litterbox that is cleverly disguised to look like a normal piece of home furniture while also keeping the litterbox private and contained. Some examples include litterboxes that double as other functional home items like nightstands or side tables, a decorative bench, or a cabinet or end table. They come in different styles and colors too, so matching a home’s existing décor shouldn’t be an issue. This type of litterbox conceals the litterbox so that it isn’t the focal point of a room, and therefore, not a stinky eyesore. Some also provide enough storage to fit a bag of litter and a scooper inside the box. It offers privacy for the cat, prevents odor because it is covered, and keeps tracking litter and dust onto the floor to a minimum because the box contains it.


If a litterbox is a pain to clean, let’s face it—it doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should. When it doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should, the cat is unhappy and so is the owner’s nose. That’s no fun for anyone, and it can lead to your cat deciding to make a mess elsewhere, which also makes everyone unhappy. Many of these boxes feature doors that open from the top, back, or side to make it easy for owners to keep the litterbox clean. This is especially important if a cat owner has a picky kitty who doesn’t like a dirty litterbox, and may relieve herself or himself elsewhere if the cleanliness is not up to his or her standards.


Cats also love to have multiple options when it comes to where they go to the bathroom, so if an owner is having trouble with a kitty who often goes outside the litterbox, it might be a good idea to try a few different boxes in different locations. With boxes like these that will go in just about any room of the house and blend in with the decor, it might make a multiple litterbox situation more appealing to the owner. A cat owner can have a stylish home and a happy kitty, instead of sacrificing one for the other.


The Destruction of Furniture


Another big complaint and barrier to cat ownership is scratching. When cats do what they are naturally inclined to do, scratch and sharpen their claws, it can wreak havoc on your furniture. Frustrating as it may be, many cat owners hesitate to declaw their cats for many different reasons, including the cat’s health, comfort, and safety. Therefore, a more acceptable solution must be found. Luckily, there are a few options that can be used alone or in combination:


  1. Scratching postsScratching posts are one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent cats from destroying your sofa. If strategically placed near the piece of furniture the cat seems to favor, the cat will often choose the scratching post instead.
  2. Nail capsNail caps can also be used to prevent scratching. These soft caps fit over a cat’s claw and are a safe alternative to declawing. They usually last about 4 to 6 weeks and the owner can easily apply them at home—no vet visit necessary.
  3. Deterrent spray—A more drastic approach and maybe a last resort, some deterrent sprays can be effective in keeping cats away from certain areas. These motion-activated spray bottles can be set up wherever an owner wants their pet to stay away, whether it be a specific room of the house or a piece of furniture.



The Shedding


It doesn’t matter if the cat is long-haired or short-haired—owning a cat can be a hairy experience. Unless it’s a hairless cat, cats will shed to some degree. While it’s impossible to completely stop a cat from shedding, the owner can minimize shedding and its effects by keeping the cat well-groomed. Brushing a cat frequently can help with excess hair while also decreasing the occurrence of another pesky cat ownership challenge—hairballs. The less excess hair they have, the less they ingest while grooming themselves and eventually barf up. Here are a few tools that can help a cat owner keep the hair off their furniture, floor, and themselves:


  1. A solid grooming brush, such as the Furminator. A cat owner’s first line of defense against unwanted hair is a good brush and a regular routine.
  2. A vacuum cleaner that specializes in suctioning pet hair is good for the hair that inevitably ends up on the furniture and floor despite vigilant brushing.
  3. A lint roller to get the hair off of clothes so that the owner can still cuddle their kitty while wearing a black shirt without fretting. 



The minor inconveniences of owning a cat don’t have to overshadow the happiness a cat can provide the owner. A cat and its owner can coexist peacefully, happily, and even stylishly, so that the owner and feline companion are both content. Luckily, fairly simple solutions for litterboxes, furniture destruction, and shedding exist so that other owners can sit back, relax, and enjoy their cats.



Leslie Coyle on September 12 at 1:43 PM said:

Scratching posts in many locations, saved my furniture. Different types and surfaces. I have one cat that loves the cardboard scratchers, others the carpet covered ones and another the rope covered. Remember cats are not all the same. I have 4 and each one has a very different personality.

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