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December 2, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Cat

  There’s nothing better than sitting around a warm fire, sipping hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies and snuggling close – with your cat. Your furry feline is just as important to you as the rest of your friends and family members

December 2, 2016

Watch this: Kitten Plays Fishing App

Next step: Kitten selfies! :) 

December 1, 2016

Watch this: Cat Cuddles Dog

Cats will always find the warmest place in the house to sleep, even when that place is the dog. :) 

December 1, 2016

Top Gift Ideas for Your Dog This Christmas

The holiday season is not just a time for classic movies, family bonding, caroling by the fire and delicious treats, it’s also a time to show those you love just how much you care. As you’re wrapping presents for your friends and family,

November 30, 2016

The Most Playful Dog Breeds Around

Choosing the right breed for your lifestyle involves many different factors to consider. If your plans for your future pup involve lots of play sessions, both inside and outside, you may want to consider adopting a dog that is especially known for it

November 30, 2016

Watch this: Dog Sliding In Snow

He's got downhill figured out, still working on that uphill versus gravity bit, though. :) 

November 29, 2016

7 Incredible Ways Dogs Can Make You Healthier

  You probably do not need another reason to love dogs, but here are seven more reasons to love having a pooch. It has actually been shown that having a dog as a pet can offer substantial health benefits. Not only do you have a furry companion

November 29, 2016

Watch this: Cautious Corgi

Adorable little cautious bounces forward! 

November 28, 2016

Amazing Superpowers Your Cat (Probably) Has

  Every cat owner already knows how amazing kitties can be. However, they are awesome in more ways than just being absolutely cuddly. Many felines actually possess some outstanding abilities, some of which border on being superhuman or super-ca

November 28, 2016

Watch this: French Bulldog Excited About New Bed

I'm not sure if he's excited or just showing the bed who's boss but he is doing it with conviction! :) 

November 27, 2016

Watch this: Dalmatian Cuddles Kitten

Just because you're different doesn't mean you can't cuddle!

November 27, 2016

Ways to Make Your Visit to the Vet Easier

  As a responsible pet owner, you know that your cat or dog is going to have to go to the veterinarian’s office at some point. When you start your lives together, your puppy or kitten has special needs. To prevent serious illnesses, your

November 26, 2016

No Fenced-In Yard? No Problem: Tips for You and Your Dog

If you live in an apartment building or a townhouse neighborhood, you may not be able to have a fenced-in area for your dog to roam and play without a leash. Some people may also live in single-family homes where there is not a fenced-in area for the

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