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December 15, 2016

What Your Favorite Breed of Dog Says About You

  All dogs are perfect. Any dog owner will tell you that. However, if you ask people what their favorite type of dog is, chances are good they already have an answer ready to go. Everyone has their own reasons for why they simply adore a certai

December 14, 2016

Watch this: Belly rubs!

What day is it? Belly Rub Wednesday! 

December 13, 2016

Watch this: Protective Pup Watching Scary Movie

Some pups cover their eyes during scary scenes, this gal gets protective!

December 10, 2016

Watch this: Dogs Playing In Mud

It's Saturday! Run around, get messy, and have a great day! 

December 9, 2016

Watch this: Happy Dancing Poodle

We're doing the Finally Friday Dance!!

December 7, 2016

Watch this: Corgi Pup Struggles With Stairs

Sometimes you need some encouragement to get past Wednesday!

December 5, 2016

Watch this: Pup Tries to Get Sister to Play

When you want your big sister to play with you but she's acting like she's too cool for that. 

December 4, 2016

Watch this: Dreams of Licking

When you're dreaming of (pup-friendly) ice cream...  :) 

December 3, 2016

Watch this: Dog Thwarted By Carrot

At least he's stealing healthy snacks! 

December 1, 2016

Watch this: Cat Cuddles Dog

Cats will always find the warmest place in the house to sleep, even when that place is the dog. :) 

November 30, 2016

The Most Playful Dog Breeds Around

Choosing the right breed for your lifestyle involves many different factors to consider. If your plans for your future pup involve lots of play sessions, both inside and outside, you may want to consider adopting a dog that is especially known for it

November 29, 2016

Watch this: Cautious Corgi

Adorable little cautious bounces forward! 

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