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March 17, 2017

Tips for Cat Owners With Allergies

  Cat allergies are awful. Whether you’ve forced yourself not to own a cat due to your allergies or you’ve been simply muddling through the runny nose and itchy eyes for years, your allergies have certainly gotten in the way and min

March 16, 2017

Flea Protection: Why It’s an Absolute Must

  Fleas. It’s a word that pet owners like yourself dread, especially with the spring and summer months just around the corner. If your pet spends any amount of time outdoors, they’re at risk for flea and tick infestation, leading to

March 11, 2017

Obesity in Dogs and Cats

  The obesity epidemic in society hit headlines a few years ago, and while the situation has improved somewhat in the United States, it still poses a health problem for young people and adults. Pets are not immune from the issue of obesity, par

March 9, 2017

9 Spring Break Vacation Spots for You and Your Dog

  When the long, dreary winter days are finally taking their leave and making way for warm sunshine and singing birds, you’ll probably get the itch to take a vacation. Spring break is the perfect time to do so, but who will take care of o

March 8, 2017

What Kind of Cat is Best for Your Family?

  A pet isn’t a gift, but it is a friend that should be treated with dignity and respect. Nonetheless, many children ask their parents for a dog or a cat for a birthday present. Before buying a pet, consider your options carefully. After

March 7, 2017

Remedies to Consider Adding to Your Mutt's Medicine Cabinet

  From pain relief for arthritic joints to aromatherapy for anxious pet, canine medicine has come a long way in the past few decades. Naturally, this is great news for owners who want to prepare for unexpected accidents and emergencies. However

March 5, 2017

Foods Your Dog Should and Should Not Eat

You may share scraps from your table with your dog, or take home some food from a restaurant in a “doggy bag.” After all, that isn’t so unusual, since humans and dogs have been sharing the same food for as long as humans had dogs ha

March 4, 2017

The Mystery of Cat Behavior Explained

  Cats can seem mysterious and fascinating to some people and erratic to others, but there is one thing for certain—cats are unique in the animal kingdom. There is little wonder that the larger cats are considered to be regal and kings am

March 3, 2017

How Millennials Are Redefining the Idea of Pet Ownership

  Numerous industries are going through changes to cater to the needs of Millennials. Obviously, Millennials are just people, and overarching generational labels do not do justice to the fact that every single person is different. However, ther

March 2, 2017

How to Handle Separation Anxiety in Dogs

  Most dogs will be fine when you leave them alone for 30 minutes while you go run an errand. However, the same cannot be said when you are gone for hours at a time. If you have a normal work schedule, then you will be gone for eight hours a da

February 26, 2017

Top Tech Gadgets for Your Dog

  As more and more technology comes into public use, we are finding new ways to use these new gadgets not only for ourselves but our four-legged family members as well. From drones to GPS tracking systems to tracking your pet’s activity l

February 25, 2017

Should You Feed Your Dog a Natural Diet?

  You most likely read the labels carefully of food you intend to feed yourself and your children. The same should be true of feeding our dogs. The images of gravy and meat slices or appetizing stew on television commercials for dog food may be

February 22, 2017

How to Help Your Dog Exercise in Inclement Weather

  Once you adopt a dog as a pet, you make a commitment to care for it and to take your pet for a walk every day. You may hurry home during rush hour to arrive home at the exact hour you are supposed to walk your dog. There is no doubt she is wa

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