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June 7, 2017

How to Make Your Dog Instagram-Ready for Summer

The advent of social media has brought out the fashion model in everyone. Finding the perfect lighting, wearing the best outfit and choosing the right setting can be the ultimate goals for someone hoping to attain viral photo status. However, true In

June 4, 2017

Tips for Camping With Your Beloved Pup

Going on an outdoor adventure in the wilderness is always exhilarating. Breathing in the fresh clean air, engaging your body in healthy exercise, taking in all the beautiful sights along your journey; there are endless reasons to indulge. However, th

June 3, 2017

Dog Breeds Best Suited for Outdoor Activities

When the summer months roll around, being outdoors becomes the number one goal for the majority of the season. Enjoying the luxury of the warm weather can entice anyone to take an adventure, while days at the beach or the community pool can bring muc

June 1, 2017

Fun Places to Take Your Dog in the Summer

Summertime is always calling with its warm weather, long days and fun festivities. Breaking free from the house and getting outdoors is always at the top of your mind. Work becomes a serious drag, especially when everyone you know is going on their w

May 31, 2017

Fetching Festival Fashions for Party Pups

Summer is festival season. There’s nothing like the excitement of the massive crowds, the smell of the festival food, and the summer fashions you only see at festivals. Of course you’re going to bring your furriest best friend along for t

May 20, 2017

Getting Your Dog Ready for Hiking Season

  When it comes time to leave for the trailhead, you’re prepared. But have you thought of everything? Perhaps you have everything you need, but what about your four-legged companion? What about Spot, Gus, Maximus, Titan and all

May 9, 2017

Five Ways to Spend More Quality Time With Your Feline Friends

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but if you’re more of a cat person, you may be wondering how to achieve that same bond with your pretty kitty. Although cats do tend to be more solitary creatures, there are plenty of ways to hang

May 4, 2017

You, Your Dog and the Great Outdoors

  Dogs love to be outdoors. They especially love to be outdoors with their humans. If you’ve never thought about taking your dog along when you go jogging, biking, swimming, boating, hiking or vacationing, you’ve been missing a grea

April 29, 2017

How to Bring Your Pet on Your Vacation

If your pet is part of your family, you want to take them with you on vacation. You’re not alone, more than half of U.S. dog and cat owners bring their four-legged family with them on vacation. Finding pet-friendly vacations can be challenging,

April 24, 2017

How to Move When You Have a Pet

  Whether you are moving because someone switched jobs or simply because you need a change of pace, you want your entire family to be comfortable. It’s easy to explain to kids why you’re moving, but animals won’t quite underst

April 15, 2017

8 Tips to Get Your Furry Friend Ready for the Summer

  Dogs like the summer as much as you do. They enjoy all the outdoor activities, love having more people around and appreciate the warmer weather. Here are eight tips you can use to make sure your pet is ready for the dog days of summer.

April 13, 2017

Don’t Make Fifi Stay Home – Take Her With You!

  Don’t assume that your small dog must be only a house dog. She’s perfectly capable of accompanying you on your outdoor excursions and would be more than happy to do so. All you need do is make some accommodations for her size. The

April 5, 2017

5 Activities to Do With Your Dog This Spring

Spring is fast approaching to replace that winter chill you’ve been feeling for months. With the warm weather and blooming plants, you have the perfect opportunity to spend a little time bonding with your pet outdoors. However, if you’re

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