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December 7, 2012

Reprieve: "Woe to those who lay a finger on the cats,� Declares Mayor of Rome

There has been a cat fight between archeologists and a cat shelter that services the colony of cats in an area of crumbling ruins in central Rome called Torre Argentina. This site was a meeting place for politicians and the place that Brutus stabbed

November 29, 2012

How to Choose Your Pet's Collar, Harness, and Leash

Choosing a pet's collar, leash or harness can be more difficult than you'd think. Here are some tips to make sure you have the ideal one to suit your pet's (and your) needs. 

November 12, 2012

Holiday Travel Plans? We Can Help!

Many of us are getting ready for holiday travel, starting with Thanksgiving. Travel statistics are projected to be higher this year for both driving and flying, in spite of increased airfares and gas prices. Some folks are opting to bring their pets

September 4, 2012

Diligent Dog Travels 500 Miles Trying to Get Home

Sometimes time and space are irrelevant when it comes to the devotion that occurs between pets and their people. Six months ago, Mark Wessells, drove his black lab mix Buck 500 miles away to his father's property in Winchester, VA. Buck needed to ha

August 15, 2012

Back from the Edge of Creation!

Did you miss me, friends? I went off the grid to Alaska! I had plans to keep you updated, but I had no Internet, and no phone. No Facebook. No BaxterBoo! Gasp! It was tough, let me tell you. Boating, fishing, zip lining, shopping, eating... sigh. I n

August 3, 2012

From the Desk of Ms. Boo: How to Help Your Human Get Ready to Travel

Dear Gentle Readers, Mistress Mary is all stressed out. She gets this way when she has to go out into the big world. And it is a scary world out there... I really don't blame her. I took a flying leap over one of my dog siblings who was being let

July 17, 2012

A Romantic Brazilian Getaway, Doggy Style

Brazilians love their dogs, so much so that a brother-sister duo have invested $1 million into "Animalle Mundo Pet," a hotel specifically for dogs who need a romantic place to get together while their owners are at work. The hotel launches its grand

July 16, 2012

European Vacationers Abandoning Pets at an Alarming Rate

Our European and Australian neighbors may scoff at the skimpy two weeks of vacation Americans typically allot themselves yearly; however, the month-long vacations that Europeans enjoy have unintended health consequences for certain members of the fam

June 22, 2012

Oh, the Benefits of the Microchip!

Do you remember the "Homeward Bound" movies?  If you arent familiar with them, they are childrens movies that tell about the adventures of two dogs and a cat that get separated from their family and have to find their way back home! Well this stor

June 6, 2012

NJ "Click It or Ticket" Law Applies to Pets Too

Pet owners and non-pet owners alike have their dander up over a new law that went into effect in the Garden State. New Jersey police can stop a vehicle with an improperly restrained pet and issue a ticket ranging from $250-$1,000 and be subjected to

May 29, 2012

Best of the Best: Tips for Flying with Pets

I'm going to the BlogPaws2012 pet bloggers conference in June and registrants are encouraged that the Salt Lake City hotel and conference are pet friendly. I imagined how much less nervous I  might be to embark on this adventure if I had one of my p

May 24, 2012

Staff Reviews: Retractable Leash Collars

With folks traveling and enjoying summer activities with their dogs, we wanted to make you aware of some of our products that will ensure you have a convenient way to keep your pup safe. We're reviewing two retractable leash collar products so you ca

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