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January 19, 2017

Best Winter Dog Breeds for Colder Climates

  If you live in colder regions of the world, such as Russia and Ukraine, Greenland, Canada or even the upper U.S, you want a dog that’s comfortable there. If you love skiing, sledding and other winter activities, you want a dog that love

January 19, 2017

Watch this: Chihuahua Agility Training

Thursday motivation! Workout goals! 

January 18, 2017

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Stressed (And What You Can Do About It)

  Stress is not good for anyone. You might feel a little stressed out due to pressures at work or at home. However, it is also important to recognize when your furry friend is feeling a little anxious. Cats are prone to stressful episodes where

January 18, 2017

Watch this: Pup Tries to Intimidate Cows

This pup gets an A for effort and an A+ for self-preservation skills! Ha! 

January 17, 2017

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Weddings are a big deal. It is a time to celebrate your union to the love of your life surrounded by friends and family. However, there is one loved one you may not want to exclude from the occasion: your dog. Canines play an important part in people

January 17, 2017

Watch this: Playtime Teamwork

It's Teamwork Tuesday! 

January 16, 2017

Warm Doggie Duds for Winter Weather

As pet parents, we want to make sure our dogs are always safe and secure. We shelter them and give them comfy beds. We buy them nutritious food and walk them with a leash so they don’t run out into traffic. We build fences to keep them in our y

January 16, 2017

Watch this: Pup Falls Asleep During Training

That Monday morning feeling... 

January 15, 2017

How to Handle Irresponsible Pet Owners

  You might be the world’s best pet owner, but that does not mean everyone else is going to abide by your philosophy. If you live in an apartment complex, then you may routinely have to deal with other pet owners, some of whom likely get

January 15, 2017

Watch this: This Dog is Cheesin'!

Practicing for school picture day! Cheeeeese! :D 

January 14, 2017

Top Dog Breeds for Families

  Dogs are wonderful additions to the family. They teach by giving freely of their time, affection and loyalty, which makes them great companions for people of all ages. While most dogs share these characteristics, there are breed-specific trai

January 14, 2017

Watch this: Playful Pug In His Personal Ball Pit

Proof that ball pits aren't just fun for kids! Bazinga! 

January 13, 2017

Tips to Help Care for an FIV Positive Cat

Having a cat who has tested positive for FIV can be scary at first, but if you commit to some feline lifestyle changes, your cat could continue to live a long, healthy life. FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus, and it is transmitted through

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