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Help Section

Baxter Bux Customer Rewards

What are Baxter Bux?

Baxter Bux are BaxterBoo's customer rewards points!

Are you really going to use exclamation points on every answer?

We can't help it! We're so excited! We'll try to limit them a bit. (See that period there?)

How can I get Baxter Bux?

For each dollar you spend at BaxterBoo, one Baxter Bux (err, buck?) is automatically awarded to your account. Click here to go shopping!

How do I redeem Baxter Bux?

Once you have a minimum of 100 Baxter Bux, you can sign in to your account and redeem them for a BaxterBoo gift certificate! Certificates are awarded in multiples of $10 thereafter.
  • 100 Baxter Bux = $10 BaxterBoo gift certificate
  • 200 Baxter Bux = $20 BaxterBoo gift certificate
  • 300 Baxter Bux = $30 BaxterBoo gift certificate
  • 1,000,000 Baxter Bux = $100,000 BaxterBoo gift certificate (just in case you needed to know)

If I use my Bux on an order, does it affect my return?

For example – Say you place a $100 order using your credit card. That's 100 Bux earned! Oh no! The bed you ordered clashes with Rover's fur. You return the $100 order for a refund. If you haven't turned your Bux into a gift certificate, we'll deduct the 100 Bux from your Bux total and refund you the full $100.
However, if you've since turned your Bux into a gift certificate, we will first deduct the certificate amount from your order and refund you the rest. So if your order was $100 and you turned your 100 Bux from that order into a $10 gift certificate. We'd give you $90 back and you'd have the $10 certificate to cover the rest. Still a $100 refund!
If you create a certificate from Bux and then return the order from which you earned the Bux, we will have to deduct the amount earned from your return amount.


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