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Supporting your pet’s joint health and overall mobility is crucial to providing them the means for an active healthy lifestyle. That means choosing the best pet supplement for hip and joint health formulated for dogs and cats of all ages.

Cosequin®️ is the number one choice of vets and pet owners alike in helping support long term comfort and mobility. Offered in a variety of strengths depending on your pet’s needs, Cosequin®️ utilizes an exclusive formula that effectively supports cartilage production while protecting existing cartilage from breakdown. Cosequin®️ DS Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs is available in regular and maximum strength dosages with a safe and effective bioavailable formula in the form of chewable tablets. Cosequin®️ Maximum Strength with MSM Plus Omega-3s Dog Soft Chews offer added benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids combined with MSM to help maintain cartilage and connective tissue. Cosequin®️ Dog Soft Chews are also available in a Senior Maximum Strength Supplement formula geared for older dogs. Cosequin®️ Joint Health Supplements for Cats are available in breakable capsules and soft chews that not only support joint health, but also support bladder health in cats of all ages. For a formula that caters to both kids of pets, check out Cosequin®️ Regular Strength Hip and Joint Supplement for Small Dogs and Cats available in easy-to-administer sprinkle capsules.

For the most recommended and used retail joint supplement brand, look no further than Cosequin®️ from Nutramax®️ Laboratories. BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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