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AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber

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IB# 107314
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AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber
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The AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber is designed to be used with a metered dose inhaler (puffer) as recommended by a veterinarian to deliver aerosol medication to dogs with respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, laryngeal paralysis or tracheal collapse.

The AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber comes in two sizes: small for dogs under 20 lbs and large for dogs over 20 lbs. Each AeroDawg CAC includes two masks to accommodate your dog.


When the AeroDawg is attached to the puffer it allows your dog to breathe normally and inhale the aerosol medication so that the medication goes deep into your dogs’ lungs where it is needed.


The AeroDawg should be used as directed by your veterinarian. When using the device with a metered-dose inhaler, it is recommended that the mask be in place for 7-10 breaths. You can note the breaths by movement of the green flap (valve) at the mask end of the device.


Follow the instructions for care and cleaning of the AeroDawg device. Avoid using during acute bronchospasm.

Allergic reactions to medications may occur. Be sure to inform VetSource and your veterinarian if your pet has any known drug sensitivities or allergies. If your pet displays symptoms of an allergic reaction, call your veterinarian immediately or go to a veterinary emergency clinic. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: swollen lips, tongue, face, airways; difficulty breathing; agitation; profuse salivation; vomiting; widespread hives and itching.

IB# 107314
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