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Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags - 120 Leak-Proof Refills

IB# 57112
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Product Information

Earth Rated™ Dog Poop Bags refills are the perfect solution to helping the planet and meeting your needs.

  • Scented bags or unscented
  • 8 Refills rolls
  • Eco-friendly
  • 120 bags last approximately two months for the average dog

Why We Love It:

We've got dogs, and we know where your hands are going. We want them to stay safe, clean and poop-free which is why we guarantee Earth Rated dog poop bags are 100% leak-proof, extra thick and strong!

Even though these bags are super tough, they’re still easy to use so you’re not fumbling around when it’s time for business. When you do head out to bag poop, we recommend matching our refill rolls with the Earth Rated leash dispenser so they're always close by.

The extra details are important, which is why all of their packaging and inner roll cores are made with recycled materials. This box of 120 doggy bags contains 8 rolls of 15 unscented or lavender-scented dog poop bags, and each dog poop bag measures 9 x 13 inches. They're big enough to fully cover your hand and sleeve during pickup with plenty of room left over to tie a secure knot in the bag when you're finished.

Check out the green dispensers sold separately.

Sizing Information:

9" x 13"
Containing 8 rolls, totaling 120 bags.

IB# 57112
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Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags - 120 Leak-Proof Refills

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Customer Reviews

(46 Reviews)
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Can’t have enough bags
Posted On 06/14/20 by Laurie from Bethlehem ,    Yes, Laurie recommends this product!
I have always liked this brand, such strong little bags.

great quality poop bags
Posted On 06/02/20 by Arleen U from Chino Hills, CA    Yes, Arleen U recommends this product!
These poop bags are very good quality and smell good

On sale
Posted On 04/23/20 by Aria from , DE    Yes, Aria recommends this product!
Was just looking and came across these on sales; something that I actually needed, thanks.

So many bags
Posted On 04/16/20 by Susan P from , TX    Yes, Susan P recommends this product!
With the smell of lavender this is great, helps to cover up the stinky smells. You get so many bags.

Poopie bags
Posted On 04/06/20 by Lauren from Freemansburg ,    Yes, Lauren recommends this product!
I like them strong bags not to bad of quality

Bags are great
Posted On 03/13/20 by Leo from Allentown ,    Yes, Leo recommends this product!
A roll last about a week not to bad. The Bags are great

Great poops bag
Posted On 02/20/20 by Lauren R from , FL    Yes, Lauren R recommends this product!
I always have a roll in the car and roll in my jackets so I’m ready when time comes. I have tried many bags and this one has to be my favorite great quality and the perfect size.

A Great Poop Bag To Be Had!
Posted On 04/18/18 by Joanne from , LA    Yes, Joanne recommends this product!
A job can be well done with the right tools. When cleaning up after one's pet the right bag makes all the difference. These poop bags are of excellent quality. They will never let you down when you're cleaning up after "the done deed." Once I tried them I've never had the urge to use a different bag. Customer for life here! :D

Love these bags!!!!!!!
Posted On 04/08/18 by Joanne from , LA    Yes, Joanne recommends this product!
These poop bags are top notch! I love the scent, the durable feel that they have and the fact that they block the stink. I've never had an incident where my hand came in contact with "the business" and that's saying a lot. I hope this company is around for a very long time. It would be nice to have other scents to choose from. :D

Posted On 12/04/17 by JRO from ,    Yes, JRO recommends this product!
Good size and thick material

Posted On 10/10/17 by bobby junior from ,    Yes, bobby junior recommends this product!
Way better than bodega bags!

Favorite brand of bags
Posted On 10/03/17 by Ginny G from Ellenton, FL    Yes, Ginny G recommends this product!
Let's face it this is no one's favorite job. These bags are nice and thick and long enough to tie easily. I have never had one of these rip like the cheapie thin ones.

Love these bags
Posted On 09/27/17 by Krista W from , WI    Yes, Krista W recommends this product!
Always use these bags

Posted On 08/24/17 by Courtney B from Spokane, WA    Yes, Courtney B recommends this product!
It gets the job done and picked up. Haha

Love these Bags
Posted On 03/13/17 by Debbie P from Bridgman, MI    Yes, Debbie P recommends this product!
These bags are a great deal. We are starting a new life of living in a RV so these bags will be a great asset for cleaning up after our pups. This brand is my 'go to' brand.

Posted On 03/10/17 by Timothy from FITCHBURG, MA    Yes, Timothy recommends this product!
Nice size, nice aroma to bag, seems great for picking up dodo.

Earth Rated Poop Bags
Posted On 03/09/17 by Corina W from Newark, OH    Yes, Corina W recommends this product!
The only bags I ever purchase.

Perfect bags
Posted On 02/11/17 by Christine K from , NJ    Yes, Christine K recommends this product!
I love that they're eco-friendly. They work like other bags, no big difference there--they definitely hold the poop--but the fact they're biodegradable makes them worth it.

Substantial Waste Bag
Posted On 01/01/17 by Joanne from Ruston, LA    Yes, Joanne recommends this product!
The waste bag feels very strong compared to other brands I've used which is a plus so that one feels a noticeable barrier between one's hand and the waste. The lavender sent was a nose pleasing, extra benefit.

Poop Bags
Posted On 12/22/16 by Janet C from Evansville, IN    Yes, Janet C recommends this product!
great poop bags. great price.

Posted On 11/28/16 by Tondelaya G from Mankato, MN    Yes, Tondelaya G recommends this product!
I LOVE THESE BAGS!!! Not only are they Biodegradable but they are also scented!! It makes picking up 'the mess' a little nicer to smell :)!

Great waste bags
Posted On 09/14/16 by Robert C from Las Cruces, NM    Yes, Robert C recommends this product!
I have been using these bags for over 2 years and found that they are less expensive on this website compared to a neighborhood pet shop. I usually order them when there is a free shipping promotion.

great bags
Posted On 09/14/16 by Christina T from new york, NY    Yes, Christina T recommends this product!
love the scent! only buy this brand

Posted On 09/07/16 by Tondelaya G from Marshall, MN    Yes, Tondelaya G recommends this product!
I love the fact that they are STRONG bags. They have MORE than enough room for ANY MAN to use his hand as a "pooper scooper" & not rip!! (Just ask my husband.. lol). I order the scented ones cuz I love the lavender scent. You CAN NOT beat the price & they are biodegradable. I order them 4 boxes at a time, 3 times a year... I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE!!! I LOVE THESE BAGS!!!!

Earth Rated Poop Bags
Posted On 07/26/16 by Carol Ignatz from N Ridgeville, OH    Yes, Carol Ignatz recommends this product!
Just the right size, right thickness, does the job nicely.

MaltiPOO Approved!
Posted On 06/19/16 by Erin D from Bellevue, NE    Yes, Erin D recommends this product!
These are my fav bags. Glad I could find them at a great price! ! Thank u

Posted On 05/27/16 by Heather C from ,    Yes, Heather C recommends this product!
These baggies smell great, and they work well too!

Earth Rated Poop Bags
Posted On 03/30/16 by Jill F from Jacksonville, FL    Yes, Jill F recommends this product!
Love the dispenser and bags from Earth Rated! Velcro closure for leash that doesn't fall off and sturdy poo bags which control odor.

Posted On 03/06/16 by Bonnie B from Knoxville, TN    Yes, Bonnie B recommends this product!
To say that a poop bagsmells yummy may seem to be a contradiction in terms. But not with these. They have a lavender/vanilla scent to them that is delightful. On another note, they disintegrate much much faster than the other poop bags. I love them and intend on using them until there are no more.

Great quality
Posted On 02/25/16 by Monica V from Auburn, AL    Yes, Monica V recommends this product!
I recently purchased these waste bags. I have wanted these because they are earth friendly and the quality and price were great! Will buy again!

Poop bags
Posted On 01/16/16 by Greg K from Amesbury, MA    Yes, Greg K recommends this product!
Great product. Wouldn't use any other poop bag.

Love these poo bags
Posted On 12/25/15 by Jill F from Jacksonville, FL    Yes, Jill F recommends this product!
Not flimsy like a lot of other bags and easy to tear each bag

Great Item!
Posted On 12/23/15 by Heather C from Fort Wayne, IN    Yes, Heather C recommends this product!
These poop bags are great for picking up my dogs poop. They smell great too!

Quality Bags ~ Great Product
Posted On 11/05/15 by Yvette R from , PA    Yes, Yvette R recommends this product!
Sturdy, pleasant scent and the packaging makes for easy storage. The Earth Rated Poop Bags never disappoint me.

Does the job
Posted On 10/20/15 by Adrian P from Chattanooga, TN    Yes, Adrian P recommends this product!
Adequate size and very convenient. A necessary evil! Priced well for the quality too! A little strong on the scent but more pleasant on the nose than the contents of the bag once used!

Great bags
Posted On 10/18/15 by Sarah O from Tyler, TX    Yes, Sarah O recommends this product!
These are a perfect size to clean up after my Shih Tzus, and they smell so nice it makes it less of a chore! A great deal also..many bags for small amount of money!

Helping the environment with these bags
Posted On 09/23/15 by Joan Y from , CA    Yes, Joan Y recommends this product!
Love these bags in the unscentsd version. Good size and biodegradable. Never had a leaking or breaking issue.

Best Poop Bags Ever!
Posted On 07/20/15 by Sierra R from West Bloomfield, MI    Yes, Sierra R recommends this product!
These are the only brand we buy after trying almost every brand out there! Strong, great scent that keeps bugs away, yet not over powering, environmentally friendly! The only downside is they don't make them yet with handles in the rolls.

Posted On 03/20/15 by kamelich h from Bergenfield, NJ    Yes, kamelich h recommends this product!
Love the scent, very discreet.

Best bags!!
Posted On 03/08/15 by Grisel M from Bronx, NY    Yes, Grisel M recommends this product!
These are the best bags! They are environmentally friendly and have a nice lavender scent so you don't smell the actual poop. I refuse to buy any other bags. They're also a dark color so you can't see the waste inside the bag.

Sweet Poop Bags
Posted On 02/03/15 by Marsha Y from Chino, CA    Yes, Marsha Y recommends this product!
Love these poop bags, they have a really nice floral smell to them. Much nicer than regular old plain poop bags. Help a lot with what you have to put in them. :-) and bio-degradable.

Excellent product
Posted On 12/28/14 by Mary C from Toms River, NJ    Yes, Mary C recommends this product!
Easy to use, never rips, perfect size, and the great lavender scent covers up dog waste scent.

Earth friendly waste bags
Posted On 12/08/14 by Robb C from Lakewood, CO    Yes, Robb C recommends this product!
I've been purchasing these bags from a local pet store since I rescued my dog, I use them to pick up his waste every day. Recently I noticed that Baxterboo had them; their price is significantly lower and the customer service is great.

The only bags I'll use
Posted On 10/18/14 by Michelle R from ,    Yes, Michelle R recommends this product!
I love the earth rated bags. They're great for my medium size dog but could easily handle a larger dog. They haven't broken on me and unlike cheaper bags I've never had a problem with them being manufactured only so there's no wasting an entire roll because there isn't a useable bag on it. The only thing to know is that they smell very strongly like lavender as advertised when you first open them but the smell tends to fade quickly after you open the box.

Poop bags
Posted On 11/08/13 by Marsha Z from ,    Yes, Marsha Z recommends this product!
Great product.

Good 4 us and the Earth
Posted On 11/07/13 by Donna Leo from San Rafael, CA    Yes, Donna Leo recommends this product!
Long, long ago when I got my first rescue, there weren't biodegrade able poop bags. Never having had a pet, I had to learn to pick up poop and in those days, I saved every produce plastic bag I could. As time went on I finally resorted to purchasing bags after running into holes in those bags. Not fun!!! So when my pet supply store offered the green poop bags, and that they were biodegrade able, it said sure. Now it's the only type I will use unless I run out. I now buy more boxes so that won't happen. Good stuff, always reliable and...they smell good too.

Joanne's Testimonal (Via Email)

great great company. many options to choose from

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