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Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags and Dispenser

IB# 57111

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Product Information

Earth Rated™ Dog Poop Bags and this handy dispenser are the perfect solutions to helping the planet and meeting your needs.

  • Green recyclable dispenser
  • Touch fastener strap
  • Hook for holding used bags
  • Roll of 15 bags included

Why We Love It:

We've got dogs and we know that when it's time for business, you want to be ready with a durable dog waste bags dispenser attached to your leash!

That's why we offer our awesome Earth Rated dog poop bag dispenser for leash styles of any kind. It has a strap that can be adjusted to fit any size leash so it can go wherever your pup wants to take you.

We know that sometimes our dogs can "go" in the most inconvenient places, that's why this poop bag holder has a hook on the back so once you've picked up, it'll hold the bag for you so you can continue your walk while keeping your hands free.

The Earth Rated dispenser and poop bags are the best power couple out there, and we've included a refill roll of 15 lavender-scented bags to get you started. After all, we know where your hands are going - we and want them to stay clean and poop-free with the best poop bags around. We also guarantee these dog poop bags are 100% leak-proof, extra thick and strong!

The extra details are important to us, which is why the inner roll cores of our bags are made with recycled materials and this dispenser is made from #5 recyclable plastic.

Be sure to look for our Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag refills (sold separately.)

IB# 57111
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Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags and Dispenser

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Customer Reviews

(21 Reviews)
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Has a special clip
Posted On 03/03/20 by Lauren from Freemansburg , PA    Yes, Lauren recommends this product!
No other poop bag dispensers has a clip on the back to hold the used poop bags.

Can’t have enough poop bags
Posted On 03/01/20 by Lauren from Freemansburg , PA    Yes, Lauren recommends this product!
I like how this item comes with a dog dispenser. Can’t have enough poop bags

Posted On 02/13/19 by K from Charlotte, NC    Yes, K recommends this product!
Works as it should.

Posted On 05/15/17 by Shantel S from Richardson, TX    Yes, Shantel S recommends this product!
This is really the best thing ever. It has a Velcro strap that is big enough to put around your wrist but I have placed it around the loop of my leash that way I always have them. This is pure greatness. I know before I had them I have been out on walks and was caught unexpectedly and had to walk all the way back home and then back again. This way you are never caught unaware again. And they have refills for it too which is great so you can reuse this thing.

The Velcro on this is great
Posted On 08/20/16 by Nancy A from New York, NY    Yes, Nancy A recommends this product!
What sets this apart from it's competitors is the Velcro. It really comes in handy.

Good Product
Posted On 07/24/16 by Constance Y from ,    Yes, Constance Y recommends this product!
Sturdy dispenser and bags are pretty tough.

Handy Poop Bags!
Posted On 06/13/16 by MEGA D from Fort Worth, TX    Yes, MEGA D recommends this product!
It's nice to have this little container to hold my "earth friendly" poop bags and attach them to my leash. They are always within easy reach and they never get lost!

Gets the Job Done!
Posted On 05/27/16 by Heather C from ,    Yes, Heather C recommends this product!
These baggies are great! They get the job done, and they smell great too!

Earth Rated Poop Bags
Posted On 03/30/16 by Jill F from Jacksonville, FL    Yes, Jill F recommends this product!
Great bags. Not flimsy at all, very sturdy and controls odor.

Love this poo bag holder
Posted On 12/25/15 by Jill F from Jacksonville, FL    Yes, Jill F recommends this product!
Comes with velcro strap to attach to leash and easy to switch from leash to leash, Love this poo bag holder.

Great Item!
Posted On 12/23/15 by Heather C from Fort Wayne, IN    Yes, Heather C recommends this product!
This is great to hold the Earth Rated poop bags in! It is nice and handy to have while taking my pug out for walks.

Can never have too many!
Posted On 06/05/15 by Kelly V from Saskatchewan ,    Yes, Kelly V recommends this product!
I keep one on every leash!

EarthRated Poop Bags and Dispenser
Posted On 06/02/15 by Chastity M from Howard, PA    Yes, Chastity M recommends this product!
Duchess just loves it. She tells me when she has to go pee, go poop and I will say get your poop bags. And she runs and gets the little green holder and runs to the door and actually carries it out. She will drop it for me so I can do my thing after she does her thing!!!

Best bags ever!
Posted On 04/08/15 by Danielle C from , CA    Yes, Danielle C recommends this product!
Only poop bags we use! Just remember to throw away because the poop fairy does not exist!

bag dispenser
Posted On 03/31/15 by Monica G from North Jersey, NJ    Yes, Monica G recommends this product!
Practical, easy to put on leash with Velcro attachment.

super convenient
Posted On 03/20/15 by kamelich h from Bergenfield, NJ    Yes, kamelich h recommends this product!
Love this. Very discreet, sleek, and convenient. I don't go anywhere without it; also bags are scented.A+++

A must
Posted On 03/08/15 by Grisel M from Bronx, NY    Yes, Grisel M recommends this product!
Lost the bottom half of the other one I had so I ordered another one. At this price, I'm about to order 10!

Posted On 03/08/15 by Grisel M from Bronx, NY    Yes, Grisel M recommends this product!
Love this little holder for the poop bags. It has Velcro so it's easier to attach to the leash unlike the plastic clips of other poop bag holders. It is also more attractive looking and doesn't appear as if it is made out of cheap plastic. Go Green! Love anything environmentally safe.

Posted On 10/22/14 by ABRAHAM M from elmhurst, NY    Yes, ABRAHAM M recommends this product!
I buy these often and have about 12 and have given a few away. I know I'll buy a few more, always great to have extras and you can't beat the price. What's not to like about them? Well made. Great for our planet, fashionable and the bags are a great size. I keep one attached to the leash handle and one in my back pack.

Everyone should go green especially when it comes to these because so many of us use them.

Posted On 10/09/14 by Margaret S from Reading, PA    Yes, Margaret S recommends this product!
we are going to use it when we go away

Poopy Bag!
Posted On 11/08/13 by Tiffany S from Portland, ME    Yes, Tiffany S recommends this product!
I love this product so much bc it's earth friendly, they smell great, and they are trendy! Great experience with shipping too :)

Cherylann's Testimonal (Via Email)

I've always had great experiences shopping for, ordering & receiving items from BaxterBoo, plus they always have special offer's, coupon's & discount's! I will continue to come back!

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