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Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

IB# 9670

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To ensure proper fit, use our handy sizing guide below and match your results with the info in the product description.

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Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat
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Product Information

Fido Fleece Dog Coats are designed with the perfect collar-to-tail back touch fastener closure that transformed the pet apparel industry. The innovative design is paired with top-quality fleece for a perfect fit on a blustery night.
  • Signature collar-to-tail back touch fastener closure makes application and removal easy
  • Top-quality, 280-gram non-pile fleece.
  • Fleece sheds water, repels dirt and is easy to clean
  • Odor resistant
  • Won't fade or snag
Why We Love It:
When the weather gets blustery, humans grab a fleece coat to stay warm, so it's no surprise that we'd choose to share that luxury with our dogs! 
Fido Fleece Dog Coats are durable, fashion-forward coats that feature custom fabrics and patterns make sure that every dog is super stylish! 
This Rolling Bones Fido Fleece features high-quality 280-gram anti-pilling fleece that is light, comfortable, and warm. The fabric is perfect for pets since it repels dirt, resists odors, sheds water and is easy to care for. Simply machine wash in cold or warm water and tumble or hang to dry.
As wonderful as the fabric is, the fit is equally impressive. This coat is available in a large range of sizes and is designed to follow your dog's body contour to prevent twisting and stepping out of the coat. 
Even dogs that are traditionally tough to size because of a broad chest will find their perfect fit. Look for the "BC" designation for "broad chest."
The clever design of this coat protects your dog's vulnerable underside where fur is thinner. The collar extends up your dog's neck for warmth. For leash use, simply access your dog's collar or harness by opening a bit of the touch fastener. 
Fido Fleece coats are easy to put on your pet with their signature collar-to-tail closure. Simply have your pet step into the leg holes, wrap the material up and around the back and smooth the touch fastener into place. 
Don't settle for an imitation - there's only one Fido Fleece dog coat!
*BC - Broad Chest.
Please note: Individual garment measurements may vary slightly from the sizing information below due to the manufacturing process.
IB# 9670

Sizing Guide

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

Size 8
  • Back Length: 8"
  • Chest: 13" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 8"
Size 10
  • Back Length: 8.5"
  • Chest: 17" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 9"
Size 12
  • Back Length: 10"
  • Chest: 19" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 12"
Size 12BC
  • Back Length: 10.25"
  • Chest: 24" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 17"
Size 14
  • Back Length: 14"
  • Chest: 22" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 13"
Size 14BC
  • Back Length: 14"
  • Chest: 28" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 19.5"
Size 16
  • Back Length: 16"
  • Chest: 23" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 14"
Size 16BC
  • Back Length: 14.25"
  • Chest: 31" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 21"
Size 18
  • Back Length: 16"
  • Chest: 28" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 16.5"
Size 20
  • Back Length: 18.5"
  • Chest: 33" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 22"
Size 22
  • Back Length: 21"
  • Chest: 37" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 22.5"
Size 24
  • Back Length: 22"
  • Chest: 40" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 24"
Size 26
  • Back Length: 22.5"
  • Chest: 42" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 26"
Size 28
  • Back Length: 25.75"
  • Chest: 43" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 27.5"
Size 30
  • Back Length: 30"
  • Chest: 45" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 28"
How to Measure Your Dog's Feet for Dog Clothes

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Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat Customer Photos - Send us your photo!



in Nashville TN

The first snow of the year and Royce is warm in his new coat! But he is still a little unsure of this white stuff.

By Maureen on Jan 6, 2017

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in Willow NY

I love my new jacket! Love, Charley the Meagle

By Susan on May 2, 2016

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Kona and Kamly-Belle

Kona and Kamly-Belle

in Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Kona and Kamly-Belle love their Fido Fleece sweaters! They keep them super warm in the winter time. My girls are very active dogs and the sweaters allow them to do all the normal running and playing they usually do.

By Brittany on Feb 28, 2016

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in Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Kona loves her Fido Fleece sweaters! She wears them everyday when she is out playing with the horses. They keep her super warm and are easy to clean after she rolls around in the hay.

By Brittany on Feb 28, 2016

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in Cave Creek Az

Bronson loves his fido fleece jacket, cozyt and comfy!

By Cijai on Jan 14, 2016

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Cali + Indy

Cali + Indy

in Whistler BC

Indy loves the Fido Fleece jacket! It keeps him warm when its below zero

By Eilley on Nov 2, 2014

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in Portland ME

He was giving to me when he was 4 years old, going to be 5 on Dec.This picture was taking at the Deering Oaks Portland ME.

By Yin Smart on Oct 23, 2014

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in Bristol CT

Bodhi in his Fido Fleece coat and Muttluks Red Fleece Boots!!!!

By patricia on Jan 30, 2014

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in Inglewood Ca

KOBI enjoys his fido fleece, he's ready for this years winter wonderland. Thanks BaxterBoo, you know how to pick'em for your four-legged friends!

By Latasha on Jan 17, 2014

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in Lower Lake California

(third picture)

By Gabriele on Jan 1, 2013

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in Lower lake California

(second picture)

By Gabriele on Jan 1, 2013

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in Lower Lake California

Ike is getting more sensitive to cold the older he gets, so I finally decided to get a jacket for him. That was the best thing I could do: it fits perfectly and he enjoys being outside again. Thanks for a great product!

By Gabriele on Jan 1, 2013

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Customer Reviews


(59 Reviews)

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Good Looking Fleece

Posted On 01/04/17 by JMB from , MI    Yes, JMB recommends this product!
Very good looking and nice color combination on a white/cream dog. Neck is a little snug on these styles and going to next bigger size, the coat is too long for the dog. On the right size dog, this would be a great option for extra warmth that is comfortable.

Fido fleece red

Posted On 01/01/17 by L P from , AZ    Yes, L P recommends this product!
Sleek, handsome, however measurement and sizing chart result in a tight, binding fit. It's a nice jacket, but had to order larger size.

Rich red color

Posted On 12/27/16 by Cade from , CA    Yes, Cade recommends this product!
The red on this coat is a beautiful deep red that will make you think of Christmas. If you follow the directions given for this coat when you measure your dog you will get a coat that looks like it was custom made for you. You can flip these coats inside out and throw it in the washer, with a quick cool dryer your coat will look new for a long time. My dog loves to throw herself down and rub in the dirt and in between washes I give it a good shake and we are good to go.

Fido fleece is THE best dog coat!!

Posted On 12/25/16 by Roberta G from Oceanside, NY    Yes, Roberta G recommends this product!
We are a dog friendly family and we have always had a dog. The Fido fleece is the best winter coat we have ever seen. The limited selection of dog coats that you typically find in pet stores cannot begin to compare to this coat. It offers excellent chest coverage which many coat styles do not. It is so soft and easy to put on. You insert the front legs and close the Velcro across the top. Your sizing tool was great too!! This coat is fabulous!!

Fabulous, fits, dog likes it

Posted On 12/15/16 by Barbara M from San Jose, CA    Yes, Barbara M recommends this product!
Fabulous, fits, dog like it. The step in design is wonderful. no hassles over getting my little dog into it. He would wear it day and night if I wanted him to. Very comfortable.

Fido Fleece Coat

Posted On 12/14/16 by Stacey M from Naperville , IL    Yes, Stacey M recommends this product!
This coat fits well, and I like the fact that it helps keep your dog warm through the chest and neck. The Velcro makes it easy to get on and off of your dog.

Bailey's mom

Posted On 12/14/16 by Lynette M from Oak Forest, IL    Yes, Lynette M recommends this product!
I love this coat! My puppy is getting used to wearing something but seems to be okay with it. The quality is awesome and price very reasonable. Fit is great and covers whole belly, back and upper legs. Wind chills in Chicago tonight and next couple of days will be dangerously low so glad I bought this ahead of time.

Love it!

Posted On 12/09/16 by Molly from , CA    Yes, Molly recommends this product!
This fits great! Great color easy to put on. I bought it for my cocker spaniel who is very barrel chested. Really look at the sizes/measurements because there is a perfect fit for every pup.

Fido Fleece coat

Posted On 12/08/16 by Pamela S from Decatur, IL    Yes, Pamela S recommends this product!
Fits my Jack Russell Terrier perfect, she is ready for the cold weather.

Great product

Posted On 12/07/16 by Jean V from Freedom, WI    Yes, Jean V recommends this product!
Easy on/off and nice fit

Fido Fleece

Posted On 12/04/16 by Fergus's Mom from Grand Rapids, MI    Yes, Fergus's Mom recommends this product!
We have three dogs from small to extra large and these are the fastest to get on all three for a walk. They are just warm enough and stylish enough to be my go to fleece. I don't really like any other closing , back closing is easiest for wild dogs. Love them!

Wonderful Coat

Posted On 11/02/16 by Linda L from Mount Vernon, WA    Yes, Linda L recommends this product!
I have had Fido Fleece coats for my dogs a long time ago. They are just as great as ever. It fits my little Pom mix dog very well and he looks very handsome in it.

Love Fido Fleece

Posted On 11/02/16 by ROSEMARY R from , IL    Yes, ROSEMARY R recommends this product!
Walking my Shih Tzu, got so many compliments on this coat. Everyone wanted to know where I got it and of course, I said Baxter Boo!

The best, best, dog coat.

Posted On 10/19/16 by Addison's mom from wallingford, CT    Yes, Addison's mom recommends this product!
If you have short haired dogs that love the sun, and hate the cold, this is for you. Easy to get on/off, stays on, plenty of room to go to the bathroom with no issues. Snow quickly falls off, dries quickly, washes very nicely. We had one for each of our previous dogs and they lasted as long as the dogs did. We now have a new dog, and knew this was a must for her. You will not be disappointed .

Winter's Coziness

Posted On 09/26/16 by Renee Z from , PA    Yes, Renee Z recommends this product!
Sweater is made very well - love the coziness of the fleece. Love the easiness that it fastens on top with Velcro - This kind of Sweater fits my Scottish/Westy mix very well.

Fido Fleece

Posted On 04/22/16 by Becky T from Christmas Valley, OR    Yes, Becky T recommends this product!
These are wonderful coats easy to put on they wash great and cover most of the dog

Awesome Sweaters!

Posted On 02/28/16 by Brittany from , ID    Yes, Brittany recommends this product!
My dogs love these sweaters! They are warm and great quality. While they are cute, I do not use them for fashion purposes. I put them on my two Brittany Spaniels when we spend all day out with the horses on a cold winter day. They are perfect for weather in the temperatures of 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The sizing was a tad confusing at first. My Brittany Spaniels are average to semi large size. One is 52 lbs with a chest measurement of 30 inches. The other is 46 lbs with a chest measurement of 27 inches. They both fit into a size 20.

Warm coat

Posted On 02/07/16 by Carolyn F from Duluth, MN    Yes, Carolyn F recommends this product!
We live in a cold climate. I have purchased lots of Fido Fleece coats for my other dogs and they have always been great for the cold weather. I've added a new dog this fall, so needed one for her. The sizing was perfect for this coat and I liked it so much I purchased the matching collar and leash. All good quality, functional, and attractive as well.

My dog simply loves this coat!

Posted On 02/02/16 by Lou B from Centennial, CO    Yes, Lou B recommends this product!
My dog simply loves this coat! All I need to do is pick it up and POLO my sharbrador walks over and waits to let me put it on him. Well made, quality materials. I will buy other styles here soon.

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 01/30/16 by Judy G from Greenville, MI    Yes, Judy G recommends this product!
We love the fit and the warmth of the coat.

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 01/15/16 by Melissa D from , CA    Yes, Melissa D recommends this product!
I love the Fido Fleece coats and so do my pups!

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 01/15/16 by Carla D from , IN    Yes, Carla D recommends this product!
Got 2 of these for 2 my girls (have 3 girls), might have to get a third one for my big girl. Color was good on my girls. Easy to put on them and one of my girls isn't and has never been easy to put coats on. She is going on 14yrs. and this has been one of the easiest coats I've had for getting it on her. Nice fit on both of the girls and the color is good on them too. My biggest girl wants to know where and when is she getting one also. My biggest girl and the youngest one likes to wear the coats, my oldest is another story.

love it

Posted On 01/14/16 by Robert S from Pittsfield, MA    Yes, Robert S recommends this product!
Sweet coat, easy on and off but not too heavy just right. I love it!

Comfy and warm

Posted On 01/14/16 by Cijai B from , AZ    Yes, Cijai B recommends this product!
Bought one for grammas dog, keeps him warm and fits great

Fleece coat

Posted On 01/11/16 by Janie Lee H from , TN    Yes, Janie Lee H recommends this product!
I love this coat and so does Gator!!!!!!

Sarah says

Posted On 01/07/16 by Carole L from , CT    Yes, Carole L recommends this product!
This jacket is the best. I love the fact that it closes on the back and not on the tummy. I hope they never stop making this jacket. The velcros is stronger than before. Opening & closing it tends to weaken the velcros over time. This looks perfect.

Best Coat Ever!

Posted On 12/29/15 by Sandy N from PORTAGE, MI    Yes, Sandy N recommends this product!
This is the second Fido Fleece I've purchased for my 7 yr old 107 lb Black Lab. It's easy to get on & off, and is a very slimming design on a black dog. Lars knows he looks cute in his Fido Fleece & loves the extra attention he gets!

Just a little big

Posted On 12/27/15 by Sandy from Lafayette, IN    Yes, Sandy recommends this product!
I bought this size to see if it would be a better fit for my dog. Turns out the 24 is too big and the 22 is kinda snug. So, the 22 is a better fit as it does "stretch" a bit with wear. Love Fido Fleece so much that I'm keeping the 24 too!

Fido Fleece Coat

Posted On 12/24/15 by Joyce W from Maple Grove, MN    Yes, Joyce W recommends this product!
I like the velcro closure placement on the coat which fits along the dog's back. The coats are easy to put on and fit very nicely and provide the warmth my 2 Jack Russells need. The only con is that it took a year before I was able to get the size and color I wanted...apparently it was a popular size. But, I indicated I wanted to be notified when they came in stock again and that worked quite well, however, even at that time, again, there were only a small number available of the size I wanted. I am completely satisfied with the coats and the customer service personnel I spoke with to order was very helpful, apologetic for the difficulty I had and was very pleasant to talk to.

Absolutely fabulous!!

Posted On 12/16/15 by Cijai B from ,    Yes, Cijai B recommends this product!
Absolutely fabulous!! Every dog should own one of these, cute and comfy and great colors

Love this Fido Fleece

Posted On 12/12/15 by Jeanne K from Pensacola, FL    Yes, Jeanne K recommends this product!
I bought this size 30 Fido for our Great Dane (along with a 2nd one in another color). While he is a very big dog, he has a thin coat and is lean so these keep him cozy on cool nights. I have been buying Fido Fleeces for several years for my Dobermans. Baxterboo has the best prices I have found. My dogs love them, they are excellent quality and stand up to rough play and laundering very well. Love them!!

Great Doggie Coat!!!

Posted On 11/18/15 by Jane C from Berthoud, CO    Yes, Jane C recommends this product!
This is a great doggie coat! It is well made and streamline for the active dog. It does seem to run a bit small across the shoulders tho so I would suggest ordering a size larger than you think you need.

Fido Fleece

Posted On 11/03/15 by Teresa E from , KY    Yes, Teresa E recommends this product!
I have a boxer that does not like the cold, but needs to have her walks everyday. This is the best dog coat I have ever bought. It goes on and off easily and keeps her warm. I would certainly recommend this coat to anyone who has a dog that has a short coat and little fur on the belly.


Posted On 11/01/15 by Rosa L from Metairie , LA    Yes, Rosa L recommends this product!
Wonderful color & really nice rolling bone ribbon trim


Posted On 10/17/15 by Jenny from Altamont, NY    Yes, Jenny recommends this product!
Have not tried it on my dog for size yet but looks cozy. Fast shipping.

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 09/16/15 by Diana D from Owens Cross Roads, AL    Yes, Diana D recommends this product!
Love the coat. Color and style great. I have not had an outfit that closes on the back and believe I will really like it. Looks so easy to put on.

Fido Fleece

Posted On 08/15/15 by Alex from Seattle, WA    Yes, Alex recommends this product!
My dogs love these fleeces and I love that the velcro is strong and fastens at the top not under the belly.

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 06/13/15 by Patricia J G from Hamburg, NY    Yes, Patricia J G recommends this product!
I have a male German Shepard, and he likes to wear this coat, when there is a touch of cold...keeps him nice. when I say let's go ride-ride, he runs over to where the coat is hanging, and gives it to me to put on him, if I don't, he won't go!!!

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 01/14/15 by Patricia J G from Hamburg, NY    Yes, Patricia J G recommends this product!
Excellent for my German Shepard, he goes about 110lbs, and is still a baby; but; the coat is perfect! I live outside of Buffalo, NY; you know how the weather is here ( we are always in the news, due to our SNOW days!) He now can play and not get so cooled or hot that the snow sticks to his fur, what an wonderful improvement! Oh, the size was 2XLarge;, good right now, but not in time..I especially liked that I can close on top!

Fido Fleece

Posted On 12/23/14 by Kelly K from Troy, NY    Yes, Kelly K recommends this product!
I have been buying Fido Fleece for many years and they are the best on the market. They are so easy to put on with the Velcro closure and the closure being on top; they are extremely easy to maintain - just turn inside out, attach the Velcro together and wash and dry (the label says not to put in the dryer but I've never had a problem); they are very sturdy, well made and come in many cute designs. One coat will last many years. I've tried other coats and they just don't fit as well either. Fido Fleece is the ONLY brand I will buy.

Fido Fleece

Posted On 12/23/14 by Melissa K from Pittsburgh, PA    Yes, Melissa K recommends this product!
Love this coat. I have a lab coon hound mix that has zero fat and he's always chilly in the winter. The easy on and off with the velcro on the back is great and it doesn't limit him running around like a nut.

Hard to find broad chested dog coats

Posted On 12/19/14 by JEAN B from Lake Orion, MI    Yes, JEAN B recommends this product!
Wonderful coat, great fit. They look great on the girls. Nice find for Frenchies

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 12/17/14 by Marsha A from Biloxi, MS    Yes, Marsha A recommends this product!
We love us some Fido Fleece! We have a couple, they share them with our foster pups when they first come here too! Toasty Warm!

Easy On/Off

Posted On 12/11/14 by Dog Mom from Portlandia, OR    Yes, Dog Mom recommends this product!
Sensible fit, easy on/off. I got this for my elderly standard poodle who needs extra warmth when his coat is short. Not a fussy jacket. The fleece is a good quality.

Wonderful Dog Coat!

Posted On 12/09/14 by Matty G from Hazlet, NJ    Yes, Matty G recommends this product!
I have put lots of different clothes on my dogs, but the Fido Fleece is by far the best one I have ever purchased. Enough with all this small, medium and large stuff. The Fido Fleece comes in numbered sizes for the personalized fit you have been looking to get for your dog. I highly recommend this product and BaxterBoo for all of your canine clothing needs.

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 12/08/14 by Danielle E from , CA    Yes, Danielle E recommends this product!
The order arrived very quickly and the coat is great. It looks wonderful on Wilson and it is warm and easy to put on.

Fido Fleece fits snug under the tummy

Posted On 12/02/14 by Vikki W from , WI    Yes, Vikki W recommends this product!
Great coat for a little dog. Male dogs tend to pee up the hoodies and t-shirts. This cote closes on top and fits perfect!!! Very well made too.

Really Nice and Warm

Posted On 11/30/14 by Deborah R from Pleasanton, CA    Yes, Deborah R recommends this product!
This fleece is wonderful. The XL fits my dobe mix perfectly and it's cozy and warm. It looks great on her. It'll keep her warm this winter especially in the snow! We visit Tahoe and cross country with her.

Great fit

Posted On 11/24/14 by Margaret S from Wilmington, DE    Yes, Margaret S recommends this product!
Warm and comfortable. Easy to put on.

Awesome Coat

Posted On 11/17/14 by Lisa M from , PA    Yes, Lisa M recommends this product!
This is such a great piece of clothing! It fit my toy Schnauzer perfectly not like other clothing we have gotten her that is too short for her length, too big around her chest because we were trying to get a length to fit her. It is like it was custom made for her. It also keeps her nice and warm.

Fido fleece

Posted On 11/17/14 by Linda Q from Jackson's point,    Yes, Linda Q recommends this product!
Great product- true to size. Easier to wash then the dog. Previous ones washed and worn several times over several years, still look like new.

Great coat

Posted On 11/17/14 by Pat B from Bartlett, TN    Yes, Pat B recommends this product!
This is a great little coat. Keeps my Chihauhau babies warm and fits perfectly. Highly recommend.

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 11/15/14 by Donna L from Greenfield, WI    Yes, Donna L recommends this product!
This coat is very warm for my dog. It will be great when it gets really cold out. The only downside is there is no D-Ring to attach a leash to a harness - but it would be good if you dog only wears a collar.

Fleece Rolling Bones Jacket

Posted On 11/11/14 by Starr D from Stockton, CA    Yes, Starr D recommends this product!
I love the color and fabrication of this jacket, but the collar is a bit high with a snug Velcro closing. Fit in a larger size if your doggy has a thick neck.

fido fleece

Posted On 10/27/14 by karen d from yardville, NJ    Yes, karen d recommends this product!
The size are accurate, they are very easy to dress on the dog with no fussing with clips or straps. Very soft and comfortable for your pet

Red Fido Fleece

Posted On 10/25/14 by Deborah D from , CA    Yes, Deborah D recommends this product!
This coat is adorable and will look great for the Holidays as well as through winter. The size 14 fit my 14 pound Westie perfectly...so this size runs a bit small...I actually bought this for my 17 pound Westie but it didn't fit. Glad it works for my smaller one because it really is stylish.

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Posted On 01/26/14 by David W from Waynesville, NC    Yes, David W recommends this product!
Penny, our miniature poodle, loves her Fido Fleece. In addition to keeping her warm on winter walks or during playtime in the yard, I think it also helps her feel safe and secure. Very easy to put on and take off and the size 12 fleece fits her nicely. We liked this so much we ordered a second Fido Fleece (Stormy Circles). I found that her size 12 fleece varied in dimensions even though they are all Fido Fleece products. For example, Size 12, Fido Fleece Rolling Bones is 10x19x12 where as the Fido Fleece Stormy Circles is 9.75x19x11. Just be aware that even though they are the same size that the actual dimensions may vary.

Fido Fleece Rolling Bones coat

Posted On 11/08/13 by Charlotte A from SLC, UT    Yes, Charlotte A recommends this product!
My little black Frenchie looks awesome in this red coat. He turns heads as I walk through my neighborhood. The fit is great and I know he feels comfortable in it.

Love it!

Posted On 11/08/13 by Katie K from Modesto, CA    Yes, Katie K recommends this product!
This is a great jacket, warm and very attractive. The fit is perfect, and the Velcro opening down the back makes it very easy to take on and off. You won't be sorry with this purchase. I have purchased several items from BaxterBoo so far and I am very impressed with both the quality and the styling of the dog's clothing. One look at my dogs and people can tell they are very well dressed.

Bill's Testimonal (Via Email)

Dog had tumor removed from armpit. Needed shirt to keep him from bothering stitches. Human t-shirt wasn't working as not tailored for dog physique. Looking forward to the New Orleans Saints shirt!

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