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Guardian Gear Lined Dog Muzzle - Black

IB# 3112
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Rebecca's Testimonal (Via Email)

I was really surprised too see the pilgrim costume for my dog was so well made, the quality for such a low price was a great deal. It fit almost perfectly, a little long in the hind legs, which my husband fixed with a quick hem (could easily have been rolled up), that was to be expected since Stanley has odd measurements. Stanley seemed more than comfortable and wore the costume all day, with no attitude (it was a Thanksgiving miracle).

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Product Information

For safety when working with biting and chewing dogs, our Guardian Gear® Lined Dog Muzzles are the choice of top handlers, trainers, and other professionals.

  • Made of strong nylon fabric
  • Inner seams provide extra support, adjustable strap for easy fit
  • Quick-release buckle

Why We Love It:

The Guardian Gear Lined Muzzles stop biting, barking and chewing behaviors in dogs.
There are several circumstances in which you might need a muzzle for your dog -- for grooming visits, veterinary visits, and for dogs that act aggressively towards other dogs.
Dog owners that have pets that generally don't bite can benefit from having a muzzle in their first aid kit. Even gentle pets are prone to biting when they are injured. Make sure your pet can get the treatment they need without becoming injured yourself with our safety muzzle.
Dog muzzles may also be of benefit for problem chewers -- whether the dog is chewing on himself or exhibiting other inappropriate chewing behaviors. 
Dog groomers, veterinarians, and animal husbandry providers can benefit from having several sizes of dog muzzles on hand. This sturdy nylon fabric dog muzzle is available in nine sizes to fit most breeds.
For snub-nosed breeds and cats, look for our specialty muzzles as well. 
Caution: Always directly supervise pets wearing muzzles as they may inhibit a dog's ability to pant and cool themselves. 
Made of 100% Nylon. Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Line dry.

Sizing Information:
Size 0 — 4 1/2” Snout   
Size 1 — 5” Snout        
Size 2 — 5 1/2” Snout     
Size 3 — 7” Snout 
Size 3XL — 10 1/2” Snout     
Size 4 — 8” Snout                                 
Size 4XL — 10 3/4” Snout 
Size 5 — 8 1/4” Snout     
Size 5XL — 10 1/4” Snout  

IB# 3112

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

Muzzle Size 0
  • Snout: 5.5" Strap Length: 5"-8"
Muzzle Size 1
  • Snout: 6" Strap Length: 8"-16"
Muzzle Size 2
  • Snout 6.25" Strap Length: 7"-12.5"
Muzzle Size 3
  • Snout: 7.5" Strap Length: 7.5"-16"
Muzzle Size 5
  • Snout: 10" Strap Length: 8.5"-19"
Muzzle Size 3XL
  • Snout: 11.5" Strap Length: 9"-20"
Muzzle Size 4XL
  • Snout: 12" Strap Length: 9"-20"
Muzzle Size 5XL
  • Snout: 12" Strap Length: 10"-18"
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| Posted On 05/21/17 by Gail G from Rosedale, MD

I got this for my yorkie, for her barking. It was to big so it will go back. I will get a smaller size I do like it.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Gail G recommends this product.
| Posted On 04/16/17 by Carol D from Beverly, MA

The muzzle is made well but someone needs to make one for tiny little girl could eat with this on. Sorry!

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Carol D recommends this product.
| Posted On 02/24/17 by C K U from Fresno, CA

This is a very thin light weight muzzle. It was too large for my 65 pound Pit mix so I sent it back.

| Posted On 01/07/17 by JOYCE G from San Mateo, FL

The Guardian Gear Lined Muzzle works!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, JOYCE G recommends this product.
| Posted On 09/30/16 by sarah f from , MA

Helpful to have this for my rescue who is not so trustworthy with strangers

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, sarah f recommends this product.
| Posted On 03/03/16 by Amaya from East,

This is a good temporary muzzle that I use for vet visits. My dog is 8.5 lbs and has a chihuahua snout so size 0 was perfect for her. This also fit my 12 lbs Yorkie mix too. The muzzle's inner circumference is 4.5 inches. If you have a fussy dog or one that is unfamiliar with muzzles, ease them into it with training. Don't just try to put it on them. I've been playing fetch and feeding my dogs treats through the muzzle (small turkey pieces). So, that way, they associate the muzzle with things they love.

The quick release buckle falls off the head strap too easily. They need to redesign that part so it can be secure when a dog rolls or rubs its head trying to get it off. My dogs haven't done that but yours might.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Amaya recommends this product.
| Posted On 09/09/15 by Dena D from Tulsa, OK

I love the muzzle on Cuddles my is a perfect fit..thank you so much Baxter Boo you are ''PAWSOME''

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Dena D recommends this product.
| Posted On 06/30/15 by Lisa H from Elgin, IL

I purchased this for my pitbull, Roxy, who hates getting her nails clipped. I would only need it for short times so I opted for the least expensive muzzle.

The listing and the package state "Lined Nylon Muzzle." It is not fully lined. The only lining is a thin piece (quarter inch) of lightweight felt around the very inside tip of the muzzle part by the nose.

Roxy's snout measurement is 9.5". So I opted for the Size 5, stating online a 10" snout (with the disclaimer online stating this is the size of the actual product). The actual product is 9.5" at the nose tip The actual packaging states a Size 5 snout measurement to be 8-1/4", which is way off.

Anyways, it fits just ok. I would have preferred it to be a little closer to her nose, as it is a little on the loose side and she might still be able to "nip," although not bite. The circumference around the nose is not adjustable, but the back strap is adjustable.

It was ok for the little I paid for it, and will keep and use it.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Lisa H recommends this product.
| Posted On 06/07/15 by Judith E from Tacoma, WA

Great fit. I thought it would be too small but it was the right size. Great price too!

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Judith E recommends this product.
| Posted On 05/25/15 by DENI S from , GA

Has worked well for my dog! Soft and fits her tiny muzzle well - size 0.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, DENI S recommends this product.
| Posted On 01/05/15 by Dawn K from Easton, PA

I like this much better than the leather cage looking ones. my dog actually didn't mind having it on

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Dawn K recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/08/13 by Kimberly C from Cambridge, NY

I like this muzzle because the dog can still drink while wearing it, but cannot open it's mouth wide enough to bite. I trained a dog to get used to wearing it using the Lickety Stik treat in a roll on container also sold by BaxterBoo.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Kimberly C recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/07/13 by Melanie G from Orange Park, FL

good idea for my mom's snarly dog

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Melanie G recommends this product.