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UGroom Shedding Blade

IB# 1587
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Ann's Testimonal (Via Email)

All the items i purchased fit my fur baby he's a French bulldog and you know most items don't because of his neck size but I'm thankful if I did have a problem I was able to return it with no problems, I will continue to shop for my Frenchie on this site :)

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Product Information

Use our u•groom™ Shedding Blades to remove excess undercoat at home between grooming sessions.

# Hardened, stainless-steel blades

# Toothed edge removes loose, dead hair

# Smooth edge removes water from coat

Shedding Blades measure 11"

IB# 1587
(6 Reviews)
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| Posted On 04/06/16 by Roxie G from Lenore, ID

I have found it very hard to find a brush that will remove the loose hair from my dog that she will sit and let me use on her. I think this one fits the bill.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Roxie G recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/23/15 by Monica G from North Jersey, NJ

Works well, wish they had this in small sizes.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Monica G recommends this product.
| Posted On 07/27/15 by Lacy J from , CO

I have 2 German shepherds who shed like crazy and this brush saves me so much time and a few trips to the groomers. I get trash bags full of hair off my girls in no time at all. Not to mention, they love the attention and fight to take turns getting brushed. I'm also glad I read the comments before buying because I never would have thought to use the other side after bath time to get the extra water off. What a great idea!

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Lacy J recommends this product.
| Posted On 06/10/15 by Laurel S from Middletown, NJ

My Labrador is shedding her undercoat like crazy! This is the only thing that seems to get most of the loose hair off of her and she loves it. She wags her tail the entire time we groom her with it.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Laurel S recommends this product.
| Posted On 10/08/14 by Heather C from SNOHOMISH, WA

I like this product because it helps to shed large dogs quickly who have "double coats". Akitas, huskies, etc., who have thick coats don't leave hair piles on the floor - they leave "fur drifts" that go everywhere like tumbleweeds! I used to have one for the horses when they shed in the spring. The smooth side can also be used to squeegee water off after a bath, before you get soaked when they shake the water off.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Heather C recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/08/13 by Linda M from Hempstead, NY

I could not believe how much hair came off my dog! I was in shock! haha. He was definitely loving the extra attention & grooming. He isn't shedding as much as he was before, either. Very happy with this product.

Yes, they recommend this item Yes, Linda M recommends this product.