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Top 10 (and a half) Reasons Why We Love Doggie Design

10. Doggie Design pampers your pup from nose to tail. 

Doggie Design doesn’t just carry one type of clothing for your dog. They have everything from dog snowsuits to fancy dresses for pups, designer carry bags to cozy dog bathrobes, warm dog jackets, to comfortable choke-free dog harnesses

 9. Doggie Design has something for dogs of all shapes and sizes. 
 Need a cute dog sweater for your Chiweenie? With dog sweaters that go as small as an XXS to 3XL, Doggie Design has you covered. Does your French bulldog need a bow tie for an upcoming formal event? Doggie Design was the first company to introduce bow ties for dogs. Is your mastiff reluctant to go potty in the cold without a coat? Doggie Design’s Alpine All- Weather and Alpine Flannel coats go up to 5XL with a chest size of up to 38”. 

  Taru from Arizona

8. Doggie Design values your pet’s safety. 
Doggie Design has seven different styles of harnesses (and tons of fun colors) to cover the needs of any pup. Several of their American River harnesses use a patented Ultra Choke Free design to keep your pup safe and secure without harm. The American River Ombre harness not only uses double stitching and reinforced hook and loop closures to handle up to 386 pounds, but it also uses a beautiful color blending technique that is one of a kind.

Lola from Michigan  

 7. Doggie Design’s harnesses fit every lifestyle. 
 Do you want bright colors for workout days? Your dachshund will never miss leg day in the American River Neon  Sport harness. Heading out to the woods? Doggie Design’s American River Camo harness is the one for your bloodhound. Does your pup prefer bold, solid colors? The American River Original is the way to go. 

  Gidget & Teyla from California

6. Doggie Design dog clothes don’t require an instruction manual to figure out. 
Have you ever purchased a coat or harness for your pup that ends up looking more like a strange contraption than an outfit? Doggie Design dog clothes aren’t like that. They have the Wrap and Snap harness that your pup steps in to and, with one quick snap, the harness is buckled at the back. The Alpine All-Weather coat simply slips over your pup’s head & buckles at the sides. Voila! 

 5. Doggie Design does dresses right. 
 Are you and your pup headed to a formal event? Check out this green, white, and gold confection!
 Caution: Don’t let your Pomeranian wear this to weddings, she’ll upstage the bride! 

 Headed to the sock hop? Doggie Design’s Poodle Dress is way ahead of you! 

 Just enjoying a nice spring day? The Watermelon Harness Dress will make your corgi the talk of the dog park. 

  Eloise from Washington

4. Doggie Design keeps your pup warm. 
Doggie Design has waterproof, fleece lined coats in the Alpine All-Weather. They have flannel covered, faux fur lined Alpine Flannel coats. They have designer dog coats ready for the Fashion District in snazzy plaid or houndstooth. They have their Ruffin’ It Dog Snowsuit that is waterproof and fully lined with Sherpa fleece. And, last but not least, they even have dog pajamas to keep your pup warm during naptime! 

Bodhi from Colorado  

 3. Doggie Design keeps your dog’s dignity. 
 Is your older male dog struggling with incontinence? Does your female pup have lady problems every six months or  so? Doggie Design says, “No!” to undignified dog diapers. Male pups can use the comfortable suede belly bands   while female dogs get a wide range of dog panties. Not to make it weird, but we’re a little jealous of these red,  ruffled polka dotted ones. 

2. Doggie Design has dog hoodies. 
We know we already said Doggie Design keeps your pup warm but as a Colorado based company, hoodies are vital to surviving our weather. You never know when a sunny day will turn in to a snowstorm! With Doggie Design hoodies, your pup can stay cozy without overheating on those warm, windy days. 

Champ from Texas  

1. Doggie Design always has awesome new products! 
Not to brag but we’ve gotten a sneak peek at some of the new items coming out and we’re super excited. 

(And reason ½ that we love Doggie Design – Their logo pup is just so cute!)

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