9 Must-Have Summer Fashion Products for Your Dog

Published: May 29, 2024
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Fashion for pets is almost as popular as fashion for people. Many dogs enjoy bonding with their owners through dressing up. Even dogs that don't enjoy clothes sometimes need to wear them. Whether your dog is a fashionista or needs some practical summer accessories, here are nine must-have summer fashion products.

Cloak & Dawggie Teacup Gingham Dog Harness Vest

Most dogs need collars and leashes or harnesses. Many options are available, but if you want a cute summer-themed harness, look no further than the Cloak & Dawggie Teacup Gingham Dog Harness Vest. This harness comes in three sizes, so it's suitable for dogs up to six pounds. The cotton fabric, patterned in red and white gingham, allows breathability and is machine washable, ensuring your dog's comfort.

Plain Dog Bow Tie

If you're taking your dog to an event or simply want to be a little fancy, bow ties are excellent accessories. The Plain Dog Bow Tie comes in several colors, including bubblegum pink, dark green, and blue. It's made of silky polyester with an elastic band suitable for necks measuring between ten and nineteen inches. Your dog can wear it with or without a collar, but you shouldn't attach it to a leash.

Pet Life Sea Spot Sun UV Protectant Mesh Brimmed Dog Hat Cap

Despite the fur covering their bodies, dogs need sun protection too. The Pet Life Sea Spot Sun UV Protectant Mesh Brimmed Dog Hat Cap protects your dog's head and eyes from glare and sun damage. Made of breathable mesh microfiber, this hat is water-resistant and has a 360-degree brim. You can secure it under your dog's muzzle with an adjustable drawstring strap and there are holes for your dog's ears. It comes in two sizes:

      Medium for small to medium breeds

      Large for medium to large breeds

Gold Paw Sun Shield Dog Snood

Sun protection is important for all dogs, but not all dogs enjoy or are able to wear hats. Alternative options, such as the Gold Paw Sun Shield Dog Snood, are available. This snood comes in four sizes and its stretchy fabric allows it to fit dogs of many sizes. You can wet the lightweight fabric to keep your dog cool without reducing the UPF50 protection from UV rays. The antimicrobial finish makes it a good choice for dogs with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Paws Aboard Nautical Designer Dog Life Jacket

Many dogs love to swim and splash in water, but some need a little extra help. The Paws Aboard Nautical Designer Dog Life Jacket helps make sure dogs can enjoy the water no matter the situation. This life jacket comes with a D-ring, a handle, and reflective strips. Your dog can wear it while swimming, walking near water, or on a boat. The design prioritizes visibility and buoyancy. It also includes a mesh underbelly. This feature helps water drain out of the life jacket, ensuring your dog dries faster and can be more comfortable.

Cool Mesh Dog Harness with Leash by Doggie Design

If your dog is more comfortable in a harness than just on a collar and leash, look into cooling harnesses like the Cool Mesh Dog Harness with Leash by Doggie Design for the summer months. This harness is made of breathable wide-gauge mesh that is both soft and strong. This design prevents your dog from overheating while maintaining the strength and durability of a typical harness.

Lifeguard Beach Patrol Dog Shirt

If your dog loves wearing clothes, the Lifeguard Beach Patrol Dog Shirt is a perfect summer option. It fits beach, lake, and poolside settings perfectly and its 100% cotton material is machine washable. The shirt is practical, too. The high-cut belly and sleeveless design ensure your dog's comfort.

Puppe Love Hawaiian Swim and Board Dog Trunks

Not everyone knows that dogs can wear swim trunks, but the Puppe Love Hawaiian Swim and Board Dog Trunks are excellent for dogs that enjoy swimming. While dogs don't necessarily need to wear swimsuits, they do provide a few advantages. They can protect your dog's skin from UV radiation and make your dog more recognizable and visible. These swim and board dog trunks, in particular, will help visibility with their bright orange color and distinctive flower pattern. These trunks are designed to provide maximum comfort, enabling your dog to do its business with ease and ensuring you can dress and undress your dog with minimal effort.

Dog Dress with Matching Leash by Doggie Design

The dress might be the quintessential item of dog fashion, alongside the shirt. It's relatively easy to put a dress on a dog and it allows for easy movement and breathability. Plus, dresses can make dogs even cuter. The Dog Dress with Matching Leash by Doggie Design has a flared skirt and a decorative bow at the waist. It comes in several patterns, including:


      Blue Daisy Hawaiian Hibiscus

      Blue Lagoon

      Blue Polka Dot

      Blue Rose

Some of the patterns include collars. All of them include D-ring attachments and matching leashes. They are made of machine washable, breathable 100% cotton fabric, which will help your dog feel comfortable and cool.

Gauging your dog's comfort level is important to building a trusting relationship. If your dog doesn't want to wear clothes but needs to, make the experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. If your dog does like wearing clothes, try to find outfits that fit your dog's preferences and lifestyle.


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