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Published: May 21, 2024
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Your pet deserves dedicated space in your home, but sometimes their supplies don't look very attractive. It can be tough to make litter boxes and crates work with your home's aesthetic, but it is possible. BaxterBoo has pet furniture items that can integrate with your home decor while still being useful for your pet.

5 Pet Furniture Items That Work in Your Home

Designs for pet furniture have come a long way and are no longer restricted to utilitarian items that are eyesores in your home. These days, items made for pets are crafted with style in mind. You can find pieces that serve important functions for your pets without ruining the look of your home.

1. Cat Washroom Bench

At first glance, you may not realize this stylish and well-constructed cat washroom bench is actually made to house a litter box. The panels on the front door are simple enough to fit with different decor styles but they have enough detail to make the piece look intentional.

This bench is also highly practical: it fits regular and automated litter boxes, with a pre-cut hole in the back for any wiring. The partition inside is removable so you can adjust the space to your needs and the entrance can be placed on either side of the unit.

2. Cat Litter Box Closure

For something just as stylish but on a smaller scale, consider this cat box enclosure. It fits traditional cat pans so you can use it as a litter box, but it can also be used as a sleeping area for your cat or a small dog. It features an elegant and classic design that's easy to fit in with your other furniture. The door also opens wide for easy access and cleaning.

3. End Table Dog Cage

You don't normally think to use a dog cage as part of your decorations, but this end table dog cage serves double duty. The stainless steel cage is topped with a wood veneer finish so it can work as an end table. Your dog can rest in their crate in the living room and have full visibility without the kennel being so obvious.

4. Pet Teepee

Pets aren't restricted to the living room; they live all over the house. If your pets love to spend time in the playroom with your kids, get them their own pet teepee. It will fit perfectly with the whimsical nature of a play space or a child's room while being made just for your pet. It's made with 100% cotton canvas with a removable cushion, making it easy to clean.

5. Bookshelf Cat Tree

If the classic cat tree doesn't work with your style, try this bookshelf cat tree unit instead. At first glance, your guests might think it's just a shelf you haven't decorated yet. Your cats will enjoy the six platforms and carpeted shelves for climbing and lounging. 

With these classically designed pet furniture pieces, you can make your house comfortable and fun for your pet without sacrificing the style of your home.

Integrating Pet Furniture Into Your Home

Once you have some furniture items in mind, consider a few other steps to incorporate them into your main living spaces.

Match Your Existing Decor

Try to pick items that work with the style you already have in your house. If you have a traditional feel, look for items with wood finishes and a classic style. In a more modern house, you may want pet furniture that is sleeker and finished in metal or high-gloss plastic.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

Try to find pet furniture that serves multiple purposes. One item could be a litter box enclosure, a table, and a storage cabinet. By giving the item multiple uses, it becomes a more integral part of your home's design.

Look for High-Quality Materials

As with most things involving pets, the materials you get are critical. Pets can put a lot of wear and tear on furniture, so look for well-built items that can stand up to a rowdy or energetic dog or cat. Pet furniture should also allow access to all corners of the unit for cleaning, and any soft surfaces should be easy to remove and wash.

Strategic Placement

Even the nicest piece of pet furniture will look out of place if it isn't put in the right position in your house. For each piece, find a spot that makes sense for your pet's needs while also considering the layout of the room and the flow of foot traffic.

Neutral Tones and Textures

Choose pet furniture in neutral or soft tones that work well with different color schemes. Natural wood tones, white, and beige are safe choices that can be paired with many other hues. Simple textures are also a smart choice since busy patterns can clash with other design elements.

Decorative Accessories

Add a homey touch to your pet's furniture by accessorizing. Find nice pet blankets and pillows (that are also durable) to add interest to a utilitarian item. You can match the colors to the colors of your home.

Keep It Tidy

To help make your pet furniture unobtrusive, keep it clean. Make sure to clean any litter dust or food that spills near the item. Wash the unit regularly to prevent unpleasant odors.

Get the Pet Furniture You Need

Your house can look great and have everything you and your pet need. Adding stylish pet furniture that hides litter boxes and crates allows you to bring your pet into your favorite spaces. Start finding the pieces you need today.

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