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Customer Testimonials

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Patricia's Testimonal (Via Email)

I needed a hat to go with my Hocus Pocus theme this year and this is just perfect! Thanks, BaxterBoo, for always having what I want! And Lola loves it too!

Denny's Testimonal (Via Email)

Thanks for trying for me. Can I tell you that the personal service is amazing at BaxterBoo and I look forward to finding new and wonderful items for my dog from you guys even more, because of it. You are a really really nice person.

Maggie's Testimonal (Via Email)

My little dogs are cute as a button wearing Baxterboo dresses this Worthy Dog Pink Stripe Alligator Dog Dress (IB#: 69472) has to be my favorite.

Bev's Testimonal (Via Email)

Love this website, they carry the very best products and are top quality.

lAURIE's Testimonal (Via Email)

I just love finding cute dresses for my dog I always come back because Baxterboo has the most adorable selection of clothing and cute dog toys.

Liana's Testimonal (Via Email)

My daughter Daisy May is a beautiful 14 years-young Peekapoo. She is the youngest acting 14 year old senior dog you will ever meet! She absolutely LOVES rolling on soft grass and kicking her arms and legs up in the air and going on nature trails or new scenic adventures by the lake. I’ve had the pleasure of having my Daisy by my side since I was 16 years old and I just turned 31 this month! She’s been with me through it all; my sweet 16, high school graduation, college graduation, my big 21st and 30th birthdays and all the ups and downs in between. Our latest and biggest adventure together was last year when we packed up & moved from our home & family in NYC down to Atlanta to start a new life and I would never have ratcheted anyone else by my side. She is my absolute everything which is why I only trust the very best brands for her, which is where your site comes into play! Puppia and Doggie Design by American River are two of my favorite harnesses that she almost exclusively wears! I have gotten the Ombré harness by Doggie Design in various colors for all of Daisy’s step-siblings and friends back home. Thanks Baxter Boo for making it easy to give my angel nothing but the best supplies and accessories available

Carol's Testimonal (Via Email)

Thank you very much for the time you took yesterday to research about the cooling bandana. I appreciate the e-mail you sent with a detailed explanation. Actually, I decided to go ahead and buy the bandana for my daughter’s dog because of our discussion. It already arrived in New York. I learned about your store when I was looking for the bandana. I will definitely make other purchases. The customer service is great and fast and you have high quality products. Thank you again for your time and effort.

Sharon's Testimonal (Via Email)

Coco loves her new dress. It’s so girlie and is a nice quality dress. It makes her want to sing about the Fashionable clothes with great prices found on BaxterBoo.

Judi's Testimonal (Via Email)

Bucks are super! Fast service!! And the person who had concern about getting refund on an exchange size need NOT worry! Baxter Boo has the best service out there! I am VERY happy with Baxter Boo!

Claire's Testimonal (Via Email)

So many different kinds of training treats at BaxterBoo. My pugs absolutely love cheese and bacon flavored treats.

K's Testimonal (Via Email)

Finally I should have shopped at baxterboo for all my dogs needs. So many healthy options and this treat has to be the best since it will last for several hours of fun time chewing for my dog.

Clair's Testimonal (Via Email)

Thanks baxterboo for having my dogs favorite brand snacks. I don’t have to run into pet stores no more.

Cclair's Testimonal (Via Email)

I like how most toys from baxterboo are simple, nothing special. Sometimes after years of dog playing toys start looking old and it’s time to replace. Baxterboo has so many toys under 10 dollars... thank you.

Lauren's Testimonal (Via Email)

Thank you Baxterboo for having such excellent customer service. When ever I need help or advice baxterboo always has an answer. Roxy really loved her new crunchy training treats. I normally pick up the soft training treats but I decided to pick up crunchy ones.

Laura's Testimonal (Via Email)

I am no longer buying snacks from my local food stores. Baxterboo your my go to place for all things healthy, especially treats.

Lily's Testimonal (Via Email)

My dogs never had sweet potatoes before but they loved it and wanted more. Thank you baxterboo for having different snacks to pick from.

Samantha's Testimonal (Via Email)

I just love picking out cute dresses especially from baxterboo. I always look at the harness dress first I always find something.

Samantha's Testimonal (Via Email)

Made in USA dog treats. Yes thanks baxterboo for having healthy treats without wheat, corn, and soy. Limited ingredients are always better.

Lacey's Testimonal (Via Email)

When shopping I always check out the sales to see if anything I like is on sale. Bad news is I always find something at BaxterBoo!

Lauren's Testimonal (Via Email)

Love BaxterBoo!! Your the best online shop so many options to pick out. I do use doggie wipes from time to time they smell wonderful.

Laurie's Testimonal (Via Email)

Thanks baxterboo for always having so many healthy snacks and great finds. A snack for $5 and under plus healthy, yes please.

Lacey's Testimonal (Via Email)

Didn’t expect baxterboo to have so many Great quality healthy snacks, thanks.

Camille's Testimonal (Via Email)

The measurements you supplied where very helpful for my rescue mixed breed of shitzu and? He looking warm and handsome.

Lacey's Testimonal (Via Email)

Love shopping at baxterboo so many great and quality finds at a reasonable price. Thank you !

Krista's Testimonal (Via Email)

Nicely sized clothes from baxterboo will definitely recommend baxterboo to all my friends with dogs.

Maggie's Testimonal (Via Email)

Great quality I do love shopping at BaxterBoo they have so many cute items.

Amy 's Testimonal (Via Email)

Sugar is a 10 year old formerly "official" Therapy Dog. She needed a lightweight red coat (with a pocket to wear) to our book signings. The book is "Puppies Need Pockets." and she runs to her drawer every time I pull out this ADORABLE coat. Folks at Baxterboo helped me get JUST the right coat and size. She patiently allows me to outfit her for every public appearance, and loves the Baxterboo "Coco-Charms treats that the children put in her pocket. I only wish we had Baxterboo when I drew the original picture many years ago. Back then we had to search Goodwill to find a small child's coat for our mutt. But, at least it gave me an idea of what to draw for the illustration! Now I have ordered a pretty collar from you for her to wear with it for our next event. Thanks so very much for your help! Amy Motto, Author and Illustrator (I linked you on our Facebook page:-)

Lacey's Testimonal (Via Email)

Saving money and time why not baxterboo you are the best!! They also have so many healthy treats and many cute clothes.

Daisy's Testimonal (Via Email)

All of my dogs loved the Healthy chips I get from BaxterBoo. Bag didn’t last long soon need to reorder. Shopping online for dog healthy treats is much easier then going in pet stores. Most of the time you can’t find what you looking for and the price for healthy snacks can get expensive. I’m always happy to come back here to pick out snacks and clothes sometimes toys for all of my dogs.

Carrie's Testimonal (Via Email)

Just wanted to let you know that I received the Crystal heart charm 2 days after we spoke. Your customer service is amazing, products are awesome, and it was easy getting a replacement.

Thank you so much. Sorry this is overdue.

I really appreciate you and our time on the telephone.

Daisy's Testimonal (Via Email)

Bathrobe is adorable can’t believe how soft and well made and the little crown design perfect for a princess. Always a fun place to shop baxterboo should be your my first stop for anything dog fun.

Beth's Testimonal (Via Email)

Our senior rescue was hurting so bad she would no longer jump onto the bed, or even the couch. She rarely played with her toys or her younger brother. She was on Tramadol but was just not herself any longer. On the advice of a friend, we weaned her off her meds and started the Hemp Oil 1700. We are just stunned by the results. She jumps up on the couch and often plays with her brother now. It even worked great on New Years Eve when the neighbors were shooting off fireworks. Both dogs are usually a quivering mess with the loud bangs. We gave the older girl an additional 1/2 dropper and the younger male a 1/2 dropper. Both sat though most of the night like it was no big deal. This stuff is not cheap, but it's SO worth it.

Connie's Testimonal (Via Email)

This is a really well made vest -but the one I got had a defective zipper that continued to pop apart when on my dog -making it terrible to get off. Baxter Boo was great and gave me a 50% refund to keep and have the zipper replaced -or I could have returned it for a full refund at their expense. Since there were no other vests that I liked other than ones made by Gooby, and so I feared more defective zippers, I opted to keep it and have the zipper replaced with one that works. Now my dog loves it and I do too!

Karlene S's Testimonal (Via Email)

I work in the veterinary business and I adopted a yorkie with collapsed trachea. I could not find a harness that would help with this problem. She would pull and cough like crazy. When I saw these harnesses I thought I would give it a try. It has been the best thing I could have bought her. The buckle is down further where it does not choke her. I'm very impressed and my co-workers love it too. Love the colors. Will buy again from this company.

Nikki's Testimonal (Via Email)

Bought this for my 60 lb English Bulldog, Lilly. It fits her great and she’s too cute in it. A lot of the time dog clothes quality is lacking, but everything I’ve bought from Baxter Boo has been outstanding (& I’ve bought a lot!)

Yvonne's Testimonal (Via Email)

Baxter Boo is a wonderful company to shop for all of your clothing and accessories, to keep your furry friends cozy and contented. The website is well-organized to find whatever you may need. Customer care is exceptional. Alex patiently took the time to answer all of my questions, and made great suggestions. The brands he recommended in pet pajamas worked out very well. Herbette was equally helpful and personable. Since my dogs are hard to fit due to their proportions, she gave me a great tip to save me the cost of alterations. It’s clear to see, that customer satisfaction is their top priority. I highly recommend this great company, which is a one-stop-shop for all of your pet outfits, food, toys and much more.

Pamela's Testimonal (Via Email)

We tried at least 3-4 different harnesses for my 4 pound little one and everything was too big or she would find a way to get out of it, this harness worked perfectly! I Can always count on baxterboo to have great products!!

SShawnee's Testimonal (Via Email)

My Bella's Scary Cute Halloween dress arrived today ... exceptional customer service. I could not be more pleased with this precious dress and matching leash! The picture on your site doesn't do this dress justice. It is absolutely precious! And, again, I am impressed with the quality of the dress and leash. Once I groom "herself," I'll send a picture. THANK YOU for being consistently reliable!!!

Kimberley's Testimonal (Via Email)

This dress is so precious on my little girl. I plan on using it for Easter. I love that I can take her walking in it. I love the matching leash. The price is so amazing. I love shopping Baxter Boo. They have GREAT deals.

Gail's Testimonal (Via Email)

This hat is beyond adorable. I used it in a photo shoot with his sister Bandee in a cute frog dress, it was a hit with everyone in the Facebook groups that I belong too. Everyone is always asking where I get their cute things. I love telling them about you, your awesome customer service, rewards and quality products. Thanks again.

Sharon's Testimonal (Via Email)

I have long been reluctant to decide on a harness for my little male Maltese, because of sizing. I purchased this harness and (my mistake) the Medium was too large for him. I returned it, and ordered the same harness in "Small." My experience with Alex in Customer Service was seemless and delightful. The replacement harness arrived in a very timely manner (despite SC hurricane conditions) and fits perfectly. TeeTee and I love it!!! Thank you.

Cat and Glory's Testimonal (Via Email)

Thank you baxterboo for your beautiful dress harnesses for my 3-pound teacup Maltese Glory. I searched everywhere to find harnesses to fit her and you are the only one that I know of and they are so well made, great Construction sturdy material and look beautiful. It just surprised me when I opened them up and saw how beautiful they were and the designs are gorgeous attention paid to every detail. You have a permanent customer from me because I love you baxterboo!!!??????

Alice's Testimonal (Via Email)

somewhere ?? Thank You!! Thank you so much Baxter Boo Pets!! ?????? I am thrilled that my Gypsy Rose Lee is pet of the day! We will celebrate with ice cream and I'm delighted to be able to use her gift certificate for some more precious things for her! I can't wait to share the news and discount with our friends, I know they will appreciate all the wonderful things for such a great price. I had stumbled across your site and now it's my go to place for Gypsy's wordobe! Once again Thank you, you have made me tear up with joy both seeing her looking so sweet and choosing her as pet of the day, I know it's a hard decision with each pet looking fancy with Baxter Boo!! Much love!

Terri's Testimonal (Via Email)

The xxsmall I purchased for my Maddi is perfect. I love the doggie clothes I purchased for Maddi. I also love your site. I have also experience returning an item and it was a smooth process! Thanks!

Lauretta's Testimonal (Via Email)

These fit my 5 lb yorkie BETTER than I would imagine! So very pleased BaxterBoo!! You have the BEST products!! Thank you!!

Gail's Testimonal (Via Email)

Not only are the products adorable but the attention to detail and quality is beyond good. Pricing is exceptional. My little Barlow looks adorable in his and have received so many compliments. My babies and I love BaxterBoo.

Dana's Testimonal (Via Email)

Great jacket for cool weather. Fast shipping and wonderful customer service.

Lauren's Testimonal (Via Email)

I just received my order a couple days ago and again Baxterboo is the only place to buy cute dog clothes and stuff. High quality, low price ( just have to look around ) fast free shipping !! Forget about pet stores just shop at BaxterBoo. I ordered a medium for my 10.5 lbs Morkie she is 10'' neck 11'' neck to tail and 17'' chest. Got this cute jacket on clearance ( Today's Doggone Deals ) I saved a lot of money very happy :) Thanks BaxterBoo.

Emilie's Testimonal (Via Email)

Thank You for your help with the purchase of the Worthy dog navy stripe anchor dog dress. Your advice on the size of the dress fit her perfect. The dress has a great design and the fabric is perfect.

Will have future purchases from Baxterboo. Bravo!!!!!! Alex and Baxterboo

Michael's Testimonal (Via Email)

Shiloh serves as a Certified Pet Therapy canine in Arizona. We visit a rehabilitation facility that has mostly Navajo Indians as patients. The Navajo patients went crazy after seeing her in this sweater. They told us what kind of pattern this was and really came alive as to its authentic workmanship. It stunning and crisp colors really stood out as she wore it on a really cool morning.


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