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September 18, 2017

Cats Hate Water and Other Common Cat Myths

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Everyone has probably heard a cat myth at one point or another. There are plenty of common ones, including, “Cats always land on their feet” or “Cats cannot be trained.” While myths are often based on a little bit of truth, many people end up taking the full myth as fact. If you are a cat owner, then it is definitely beneficial to separate fact from fiction so that you can better cohabitate with your feline friend.


Cats Hate Water


With this myth, many people avoid washing their cats entirely. A lot of pet owners think cats are naturally clean because they spend large chunks of time licking their coats. However, once in a while, you will need to give your cat a bath. For the first time, you should gently introduce the concept of water. It is believed the main reason a lot of cats do not like water is because it can take a while for their fur to dry, leaving them damp and heavy. For being a good bath-taker, you can provide your kitten with a little treat afterward.


Cats Are Fully Nocturnal


This myth is partially true. While cats’ eyes are specially designed to see with very little light, they cannot see in complete darkness. It is for this reason many cats are particularly active during dusk and dawn. This is why many cat owners experience a cat jumping on the bed early in the morning. There are various ways to get a cat to not bother you when you are trying to sleep a little bit longer. In these instances, it is important to remember not to reward detrimental behavior.


Cats Will Always Land on Feet


This one is based on some truth, but it is often exaggerated. Cats possess something called a “righting reflex.” This means cats are capable of twisting their bodies suddenly in order to adjust position. This means they are able to move quickly, giving off the appearance that when a cat jumps from a great height, it can turn around to land on its feet. Unfortunately, not all cats land on their feet. Many cats end up in veterinarian offices every year as a result of fall-related injuries. Never put your cat in any more danger, and make sure all windows a cat could get to remain closed.


Cats Purr When Happy


Cats purr for a number of reasons. Many pet owners associate purring with happiness because they often notice it when a cat gets petted. However, there are numerous other explanations for why cats may purr. They purr to offer comfort to any kittens they may have. They may also purr when they are hurt, and they are trying to comfort themselves. Ultimately, a purr is produced when the cat’s brain sends a signal to the feline’s voice box, causing the vocal cords to separate every time the cat breathes.


Cats Cannot Learn Tricks


When comparing cats and dogs, many people assume only dogs can be trained while cats are mostly independent creatures. However, it is completely possible to train a cat many tricks, such as stay or sit. You may even be able to teach your cat how to high-five. You just need to keep in mind that cats often do not respond well to punishment-based teaching. You need to reward good behavior. Therefore, it is good to have a bowl of your cat’s favorite food on-hand during training sessions.


Pregnant Women Should Not Live With a Cat


Women who live with cats often worry they have to give them up due to the risk of toxoplasmosis. It is a condition that has the potential to result in low birth weight and brain abnormalities in newborns. Most of the time, women put themselves at greater risk by handling raw meat. Simply living with a cat will not be too much cause for concern. However, pregnant women should be mindful of handling the litter box. The litter box should be emptied every single day, and it should be performed by someone else. With the woman carrying the baby, the partner or spouse can at least take care of litter box duties.


Declawing Is the Same as Trimming


Declawing is a very different thing from clawing. Many cats have a tendency to claw at people, so a lot of pet owners assume declawing is a useful way to make cats less of a physical threat. However, declawing is extremely painful for the cat, and it can lead to various health problems down the road, such as arthritis. It is never recommended for owners to declaw a cat.


Cats Do Not Need as Much Exercise as Dogs


When it comes to taking walks, most people assume dogs are the only ones that require it. Cats are often viewed as more solitary creatures, so most people think they cannot be taught to go on walks. That is not the case at all. In fact, if you teach your cat to get used to a leash early on in its life, then you can take your feline companion on walks during evenings, too. Even if you do not want to take your cat on walks, you still need to make sure it is getting exercise somewhere. Have plenty of toys available, especially if your cat primarily lives indoors.


Cats Have Nine Lives


This one should be obvious as a myth, but it is worth reiterating that cats do not live forever. This myth probably originated back in Ancient Egypt when cats were revered as gods. Additionally, cats seem to have nine lives considering the fact they are fairly agile and possess that “righting reflex” mentioned earlier. However, do not trust your cat’s well-being to those mystical nine lives.


People repeat these myths so often that it can be easy to accept them as fact. However, the next time you are hanging out with a bunch of cat owners, you can show off your newfound knowledge with some cat facts that debunk cat fiction. You can better understand your feline by knowing exactly what it is trying to tell you.

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