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August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th Black Cats and Other Cat Superstitions

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Most people wouldn't admit to it, but if it's Friday the 13th, even if you don't really believe all the superstitions, you might get out of a black cat's way (assuming you don't live with one) on this day. It's an odd superstition, but it wasn't just created out of thin air. According to the People's Almanac, there is reason behind the "don't let a black cat cross your path" on Friday the 13th superstition:

"The Egyptians worshiped the cat and punished anyone who dared to kill one. In the Middle Ages, however, the black cat was linked to witches and Satan. Since it was believed that a witch had the power to transform herself into a cat, it was thought likely that a cat who crossed one's path was a witch in disguise."

Of course, as friends of felines, we don't believe any of that...right!?

Here are some other cat superstitions that are out there:

  • If a cat scratches behind his ear, rain is on the way.
  • Dreaming of a white cat brings the dreamer good luck.
  • If a cat run around wildly, expect the wind to blow.
  • Kittens born in May will bring snakes into the house. (Celtic myth)
  • Cats found lurking in coal mines are bad luck.
  • Stroking a black cat's tail will cure a sty in your eye.
  • A black cat in the audience means success for a play.
  • If a young unmarried girl accidentally steps on a cat's tail, she will have to wait 12 months to find a husband. (French myth)
  • A cat's sneeze brings luck to all who hear it. (Italian myth)
  • If a cat sits with his back to a fire, expect a storm or frost.


I'm not so sure I believe any of those, but one thing is for sure, cats are mysterious creatures.

Here are some cool photos of black cats just for Friday the 13th!

Scaredy Cat

Polish Kitten

Fence Cat

Cute Face Black Kitten

Lia at Trupanion on August 20 at 2:11 PM said:

Some of these superstitions are pretty outrageous! Personally, I am not superstitous. However, if a black cat were to cross my path on Friday the 13th I would proceed with caution....just in case!
Slim Jim on November 13 at 6:15 AM said:

lia thats dope
Poop on November 14 at 1:11 PM said:

Talayla on February 10 at 2:10 PM said:

I like cats thet are so cute
April on May 13 at 4:14 AM said:

A black cat ran in front of me after I got our of my car. Realized it was Friday the 13th as well. I am a little scared.
May on May 13 at 10:48 AM said:

What happened to you after that?
Amanda on May 15 at 7:43 PM said:

I found a tiny black kitten this past Friday the 13th in the woods of all places...and I live out in the country and it was a full moon! Love her and I don't normally like cats I'm a dog person lol
Sarah on January 10 at 8:55 AM said:

Ok so I have a black cat named Onix Is it bad if I'm near him?! ??
Sarah on January 10 at 10:24 AM said:

Ok so I have a black cat named Onix Is it bad if I'm near him?! ??
Isobel on April 24 at 8:58 PM said:

Ok so I have 3 black cats do I have enternal bad luck
Yari on October 1 at 11:10 AM said:

I think it's all real or FAKE
Justine on October 12 at 2:25 PM said:

Umm my black cat is sitting in front of me and tomorrow's Friday the 13th... What do I do... She so cute how can she be a witch?
Anahi on October 12 at 8:23 PM said:

I have a black cat and tomorrow is Friday the 13th I’m all ready scared already sense it’s in October and in fall I’m so SCARED now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy on October 13 at 7:55 AM said:

So I have two black cats and on Friday 13th my oldest snuggled up to me then sneezed what luck is that then?
Lance on November 12 at 5:38 PM said:

My female cat had 7 kittens on Friday Oct. 13, 2017. One of the kittens is a black female and she is the tiny runt. The others are Siamese like their mother . I want to keep this black one but my wife says no. They are a month old now and getting into everything . It's going to be tough to watch them all go . They have been sleeping next to me during the day .

What do you think?

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