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November 10, 2019

How To Make Sure Your Pup Has A Great Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but it can be stressful and even dangerous for dogs and cats. Thinking ahead can help your pet steer clear of holiday hazards and make the day enjoyable for everyone. These tips will help you be prepared for Hanukkah or Christmas as well!

Visitor Hazards

Every pet is going to have a different reaction to having a lot of guests over. Outgoing pets may believe the guests are there for them. Timid pets may be on sensory overload.

For highly-social energetic dogs that may get overly excited (and possibly knock down kids) make sure you take him out for a good long walk or run to expend some of that pent-up energy. You might also leave them outside for a while so they can chill out.

For less social or reclusive pets, create a safe spot for them where they can get away from the noise and activity. A bedroom with a lockable door is ideal. Leave them with comfort items and water. Leaving on a radio or other white noise can muffle out the unfamiliar sounds.


If your pets haven't been exposed to children much, this could be a recipe for disaster! The kids may not know how to treat your dog or cat, and your pet may not know what to do with the "loving" smothering behaviors that kids will do with pets.

Larger, excitable dogs could inadvertently knock a child over. Avoid nips, scratches and bumps by keeping your pets away from kids if needed.

Getting Underfoot

Social pets like to be in the middle of everything. Even shy pets may be coaxed into the kitchen with all of the tasty aromas beckoning them. Having pets in the food prep area is dangerous not only because they may get a dropped toxic ingredient, but it's also easy to trip over them.

Save your pet, yourself and your turkey by keeping the animals out of the high-traffic kitchen! We have a wide variety of Gates and barriers to ensure everyone stays safe.

Guest Dogs

Since pets are increasingly being viewed as family members, many of them will accompany your friends and family to the holiday gathering. Hopefully, your guests will have checked with you first before bringing over a furry playmate!

Social dynamics between newly-introduced pets is always interesting, to say the least. Always have that safe room ready for your pet in case the introductions don't go so smoothly.

It might be wise to offer all of the pets long-lasting Chew Treats such as Antlers or Chew Toys. Not only is this seen as a thoughtful gesture, but chewing can calm anxious or hyper pets. Always check with the guest pets' owners first to be sure they are okay with your gift.


Although our first thought may be for the wellbeing of our pets during holiday gatherings, it's also important to consider that your guests may be affected by your pets too. Some people are allergic to dogs, cats or both.

Offer to keep your pet in a separate room. It might be a good idea to keep some allergy medications on hand just in case!


Letting guests in and out of your home also creates an opportunity for pets to escape. For this reason, it is a great idea to keep pets locked away when your family and friends are arriving or leaving. Saying our goodbyes can definitely leave the door open longer since food leftovers are often being sent home with the guests.

Make sure your pets have current Identification on them, especially during the chaos of the holidays, just in case.

It's Worth It!

Having our pets attend and participate in our holiday celebrations can be a little tricky, but anticipating the issues and hazards they may be exposed to can shave off a lot of complications.

Our pets add a rich dimension to our events - fun photo ops, humor and joy! I wouldn't find the holidays nearly as fun without my fur babies, and they enjoy being able to be part of the family too.


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