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    Orijen Tundra Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
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Orijen pet food features unique inclusions of fresh meats combined with nourishing ingredients to create recipes inspired by the natural diet of whole prey animals. Each recipe follows a biologically appropriate philosophy to mirror the quantity, freshness, and variety that dogs and cats have evolved to eat. Plus, every ingredient that goes into Orijen products is responsibly farmed, ranched and fished by only the most trusted sources. By locking in nutrition and flavor, Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food provides a concentrated source of protein and essential nutrients to help your dog thrive. These recipes include unique blends of free-run poultry, wild-caught fish, ranch-raised meats, and game animals combined with vegetables, fruits and other botanicals. Orijen Canned Dog Food includes Pate and Stew recipes with 95% premium animal ingredients that are high in moisture and help support strong gastrointestinal environments for dogs of all life stages. Pair any of these great canned recipes with Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for optimal nutrition at dinnertime. Modern felines also benefit greatly from evolutionary diets, and Orijen Grain-Free Dry Cat Food can provide just that with the most nutrient-dense and succulent parts of wholeprey animals. With a reputation of trust spanning more than a quarter-century, ORIJEN is the biologically best food to give you peace of mind and keep your cherished companion happy, healthy, and strong.

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