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Busy Bone

  • Purina Busy Bone Rollhide Dog Treat for Small/Medium Dogs
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Busy Bone

Busy Dog Treats from Purina offer easily digestible rawhide alternatives that safely satisfy your dog’s chew cravings. These triple-layered hearty chew treats are long lasting, making them perfect for keeping your furry friend engaged. Purina Busy Bone Dog Treats feature a unique twisted shape that not only clean your pup’s teeth, but also make these treats a more fun chewing experience. After making their way through the twisty exterior, dogs will love the tasty reward of sinking their teeth into the meaty middle made with real pork. Your dog will also love Busy Bone Rollhide Dog Treats, combining a real beefhide exterior with a chewy and savory chicken center for a chewing experience that is tasty, satisfying and long lasting. Each Purina Busy treat is free of artificial flavors and colors, so you know your dog is getting nothing but the best quality.

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